Your Guide To Eating And Drinking In Coonoor
Image Credit: Instagram/cafediem_coonoor.

One of Tamil Nadu’s most appealing hill stations, Coonoor has an old-school charm. It is home to a historic bakery and other, more modern restaurants that serve global cuisine. Nestled in the Nilgiris, Coonoor’s restaurants are a refreshing change from establishments found in bigger cities. We recommend five places to eat and drink at if you’re visiting Coonoor: 

Crown Bakery

Established in 1880 on Mount Road, Crown Bakery is a popular attraction in Coonoor. Even Mahatma Gandhi was known to have visited the bakery in 1934. Crown Bakery is known for its fresh bread, ginger biscuits, marble cakes and nankhatai. The recipes used at the bakery have been passed down through generations and old bell jars filled with biscuits line the shelves to this day.