7 Best Egg Substitutes For Fried Chicken
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Nothing beats fried chicken for comfort, and homemade fried chicken can be even better after you've found the ideal recipe. Eggs are vital in fried chicken because they help the flour adhere to the chicken and supply moisture to the batter. You've come to the right place if you're wondering what to use as a substitute for eggs in fried chicken.

So, whether you're plant-based, vegan, allergic to eggs, or simply don't have any in the home, you've got a few replacements in your back pocket.


A pantry staple that is most likely available in your kitchen. Make sure the yoghurt you pick is plain and unflavoured when you intend to use it for fried chicken.

You can simply coat the chicken pieces with yoghurt before rolling them in the flour dredge. Using yoghurt helps retain moisture in the chicken while also adding flavour.

Heavy Cream

If you don't have to maintain a dairy-free diet, heavy cream can be a good option. In a conventional fried chicken recipe, the egg wash is made with eggs, buttermilk, or even cow's milk. The texture of heavy cream is quite similar to that of an egg and milk combo. Instead of the egg wash, soak the chicken in heavy cream and continue cooking as usual.


Mayonnaise is a thick paste that can easily be substituted for eggs and other ingredients. Mayonnaise and eggs are comparable in that they both include fat, although mayonnaise has significantly more fat than eggs.

Melted Butter

Another pantry staple that you can replace your eggs with when making fried chicken is butter. It can be a fantastic addition to your fried chicken recipe thanks to its simplicity and impeccable flavour. Simply heat the butter over low heat and make sure it doesn't burn. Take off the heat once the butter starts to melt, and then simply use the melted butter mixture in place of the egg wash.

Rice Flour

It is one of those ingredients that has been gaining popularity lately, and you can find it in many grocery stores. It works as a great alternative to eggs, and it is also gluten-free. You will need to make a water slurry to use rice flour in place of eggs in fried chicken.

Simply mix the water with rice flour to create a liquid with a thick consistency. You can adjust the consistency that you prefer by adding more water and flour. To make this, you can also try other ingredients like chickpea powder, arrowroot powder, and potato starch.

Applesauce And Flour

Another great alternative to eggs in fried chicken is applesauce and flour. Opt for a plain, unsweetened applesauce when you are planning to use it to make fried chicken to avoid any flavour overlapping and mismatch.

Sweetened applesauce should be completely avoided because the sugar present in the applesauce will burn during the frying process in the oil, which will lead to charring and a burnt taste. All you have to do is simply dredge the chicken in flour with applesauce and fry it.

Mashed Avocados

This is a unique entry on the list, but it sure gets the job done. Avocados have become a popular breakfast choice, but did you know that they work amazingly well as an egg substitute when it comes to fried chicken? Avocados have a smooth, soft texture and a creamy flavour. This way, you will also be able to add avocado to your diet. Simply mash the avocados and coat your chicken pieces before dredging them in flour; mashed avocados work just fine.