Yoghurt: The Delightful Ingredient For Non-Veg Dishes
Image Credit: Pexels.

Sometimes, the most peculiar ingredient turns out to deliver a surprising punch of flavour in dishes. In Indian cuisine, the use of yoghurt while making sabzis isn't uncommon. Dahi Wale Aloo for instance, is a dish that’s relished along with puris and loved by all. Yoghurt is often also used in marinating meats and some kebabs, before one cooks them. It also serves as a good base for lightly flavoured curries. Kadhi is yet another popular dish, in which yoghurt along with besan is used in good quantity. Yoghurt used in curries soothes the sharp taste of garam masalas and softens the taste palate. If you enjoy eating yoghurt, and wouldn’t mind being a little experimental with it as an ingredient, do give these dishes a try. 

1. Dahi Chicken 

Dahi chicken is a delicious mix of fried chicken and yoghurt with the goodness of salt, pepper and ginger garlic paste. This simple dish is easy on the tummy, and packed with flavour. The dish pairs well with either roti or rice and the kasuri methi that’s sprinkled on top of the dish, gives this creamy curry an appetising fragrance. Dahi chicken can be cooked in a jiffy and requires very little ingredients. It’s a perfect meal for a lazy Sunday evening, if you don’t want to cook an elaborate dinner and yet enjoy a tasty dinner. 

2. Dahi Ka Gosht 

This dish is extremely famous across the northern belt of India and celebrity chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor give this dish their own twist. Pieces of mutton are marinated generously in yoghurt and other spices and then dunked into a curry that’s prepared separately. This dish is paired best with rice. A tip to ace this preparation is to cook the mutton slowly on medium heat. The longer you marinate the lamb, the better the dish turns out. 

3. Doi Maach 

The Bengalis consider fish and curd to be extremely auspicious. Doi Maach is a popular yoghurt-based fish curry. This traditional dish is usually prepared with rohu fish, however the type of fish used in Doi Maach can vary from season to season. The fish is marinated in whole spices and yoghurt for a while and then cooked in a curry where the yoghurt gets mixed with ground spices, onions and green chilli. This dish is best enjoyed with rice and has a punch of flavour in every bite. 

4. Dahi Jhinga Curry

The recipe for this dish went viral when Vah Chef shared it on his YouTube channel. The taste of crunchy prawns tossed in an onion tomato and yoghurt gravy is the perfect dish to delight your taste palette. The recipe involves preparing an onion tomato gravy in a pressure cooker first, which is later put on top of sautéed prawns in butter and mustard sauce. Yoghurt is finally added to this preparation and Dahi Jhinga Curry is ready to be devoured.