Yes, You! These Cooking Tips Will Change Your Life

We tend to spend at least 3 to 4 hours in the kitchen but still end up doing some blunders. Right from making a dish tempting to cleaning the kitchen, we do a lot of chores and get frustrated when we don’t get the things rightly done. Isn’t it? But there are some very basic cooking tips that we might know but we hardly apply. These tips will not only help you in making the best food but will save a lot of your time, energy and will definitely increase your productivity. 

So, without wasting any further time, let us tell some very basic but efficient cooking tips that can do wonders!! Have a look:

How to soften paneer?

We often see that paneer in the curry we make turns hard and rubbery. This happens when the paneer is cooked without being softened. It is advisable to dip the paneer in warm salted water before adding it to the gravy. It not just softens the paneer but also allows its smooth absorption into the gravy.

How to keep the peas green?

Green peas can make any dish look tempting. But often, we see that after being cooked, green peas lose their colour. But don’t worry, there is a hack for it. Before boiling, one should peas add a pinch of salt to the water. This will help in keeping the green colour intact.

How to ease the process of peeling potatoes?

We use potatoes in almost every single dish but we often face difficulty in removing it peels. Did you know there is a hack for this also? We will tell you. Some experts have claimed that adding a pinch of salt to potatoes while boiling helps in removing the peels very smoothly. Amazing, isn’t it? Try it now!!

How to keep all flavours in a dish intact?

Cooking is an art and we cannot deny this. The most basic rule of cooking is to add all the ingredients in the right order. Especially when it comes to cooking some Indian dishes, we should start by adding onion followed by garlic, ginger, tomatoes and spices. This is because each ingredient requires a different time for cooking. Following the process will help in keeping all the flavours intact.

How to avoid dal frothing?

I personally love dal tadka, especially from dhabas. Everybody loves that, but what everybody hates is when they see dal frothing and spilling all over. But you can get rid of this. All you have to do is add a tsp of cooking oil while cooking dal. This will prevent dal frothing and will give the desired results.

How to revive day-old muffins?

Our day-long muffins turn dull and we don’t want this, right? To revive day-old muffins, sprinkle them with water, place them into a paper bag and pop them in a hot oven for like 5 seconds. The steam created by the water will create moisture and will make your muffins fresh again.

Aren’t these tips great? Start applying these tips to your daily cooking and make your life easy!