Wrong Order On Table? This Tokyo Cafe Hires People With Dementia
Image Credit: The staff is comprised of people with dementia | www.mistakenorders.com

What does it really take to make the world a better place? Some would say it's kindness, some would say its peace while some would say it is just a matter of having good company and good food. In a heartwarming story coming from Japan, all 3 of those attributes have been combined to teach people how easy it is to be happy and how nice it is to accept everyone. This amazing place called “Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders” only hires people with dementia as their staff. 

This place guarantees you a unique dining experience by having these servers wait on you and cook for you. A Japanese director, Shiro Oguni started this wonderful enterprise, and he had a very noble thought behind doing something like this. He believes that as an ageing society, where one in five people are projected to have dementia by 2025, Japan should be more accepting and empathetic towards the group. 

Of course, sometimes the orders go wrong or the deliveries get a little mixed up, but it is all for a good cause and the customers do not mind at all. In fact, even with 37% of the orders being wrong, there is a superb customer satisfaction rate of 99%. With every mistaken order that is delivered, the staff also delivers smile and happiness and joy! 

This pop-up was a brainchild of Shiro Oguni, after he interacted with a group of people with dementia, who lived in a care home. He is very passionate about the cause and raves about the multiple talents that his staff has. He says that they are great at cooking, cleaning, laundry and also going shopping for the restaurant. For many people who have little to no experience interacting with people who have dementia, the service might seem a little slow. But them working and having this opportunity to have a social life and job security is indeed something very beautiful. This Japanese café does set a very nice example for all of humanity.