Would You Want To Try Bhumi Pednekar’s Bhindi Biryani?
Image Credit: Pexels.

Biryani is synonymous with the word comfort meal for Indians. Various types of biryanis - involving different ingredients - are relished by people across the country. While biryani from the Andhra cuisine is a bit spicy, the one you commonly find on road sides in Delhi is medium spicy. Chicken, mutton, prawn, fish are the common meats that are found in non-vegetarian biryani. Vegetarian biryani has an assortment of vegetables like carrot, peas, potatoes, cauliflower and onions. There is an egg biryani that’s enjoyed by eggetarians too. The spat between non-vegetarians and vegetarians over vegetarian biryani and pulav being the same / different thing is a debate that everyone’s heard of while enjoying a plate of this delicacy with their friends. However, what very few have heard of is the bhindi biryani. 

The bhindi biryani recently became the talk of the town after actress Bhumi Pednekar shared a photo of the dish to her Instagram story, tagging Chef Akshay Arora. In the photo one could see fried okra, caramelised onions and coriander mixed with basmati rice. Bhumi had written ‘100’ in an emoticon, signalling that she really enjoyed the biryani.  This unique biryani is an uncommon one and could stir up quite a debate between biryani loyalists. 

Credit: Pexels.