Worried Being Underweight? 6 Tips To Gain Weight Healthfully

Weight gain is equally challenging as losing it. An ideal weight not only gives you good shape but also protects you from several health problems. According to Healthline, being underweight can increase the risk of osteoporosis, infections and fertility problems. Some common causes of unhealthy weight loss are eating disorders, thyroid problems, infections and diabetes

Gaining healthy weight is also important for muscle building and gym freaks are crazy about it. Our diet plays a very crucial role in weight gain. Some of the best foods for adding some extra kilos to your body are nuts, whole grains, oily fish, eggs, milk, potatoes etc. But just eating a lot will not help you in achieving your desired goals. 

Here are six diet tips to follow for a healthy weight gain: 

Avoid Drinking Water Before Meals 

Drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated is essential for the overall health of your body including your digestive system. But avoid having water immediately before meals. It can become a hurdle in your weight gain journey. According to Healthline, this can fill your stomach making it harder for you to consume enough calories. 

Eat Frequently 

“Eat small and frequent meals”. Many of us would have heard this line and it's actually true. According to a report by Everyday Health, in order to gain healthy weight, one must eat something every three hours. It will allow you to consume more calories and prevent you from losing lean body mass. 

Go For Higher Calorie Foods

This is the most essential part of a weight gain diet. Increasing calorie intake will contribute to your weight gain. According to Healthline, consume 300-500 calories more than you burn each day for a steady weight gain. Oily fish, whole grains, full fat milk, cheese and eggs are some healthy foods which are high in calories. 

Avoid Smoking 

It’s a well-known fact that smoking is injurious to health and can cause cancer. But did you know, this habit also becomes an enemy if you are trying to gain some healthy weight? According to Healthline, smokers tend to have less weight as compared to non-smokers. So, quit smoking and stay healthy. 

Increase The Intake Of Carbs And Fat

It is advised to limit the intake of carbs when someone is trying to lose weight. This is because it contributes to weight gain. So, increase the consumption of high carb and high fat foods to gain some healthy weight. Also, along with the three meals of the day eat some energy-dense snacks whenever possible. 

Eat At Bedtime

Most of us are advised not to eat before bedtime. But if you are trying to gain weight then this can be a good choice for you. According to a report by Everyday Health, at night our bodies are very active, and our cells regenerate and repair so having a snack before bedtime, or a late dinner will contribute to weight gain.