5 Antibiotics Available In Your Kitchen To Keep Infections Away

During the monsoon, the risk of infection is very high. This is because of the high humidity, which encourages the growth of bacteria and viruses. These bacteria contaminate food and water, causing several diseases like colds and coughs. Therefore, it is important to boost your immunity during this season. According to Netmeds, consuming antibiotics helps fight infections, but overuse has its own side effects. 

So, what to do? The answer is very simple: switch to natural antibiotics. Mother Nature has given us plenty of natural antibiotics that are easily available on our kitchen countertops. They have the ability to fight disease-causing bacteria with no or minimal side effects. So, if you also want to keep infections at bay and boost your health with natural antibiotics, here are five foods that can help you: 


For years, turmeric has been used to cure several infections, including colds and coughs. This golden spice serves as an antibacterial agent that prevents and treats infections. Besides adding it to your meals, turmeric can be consumed by adding it to water or milk. It also helps in treating digestive disorders, arthritis, and digestive issues. 


This basic kitchen staple not only gives our foods an amazing flavour but also provides various health benefits. The compounds present in them have curative properties that fight bacteria, viruses, and infections. Apart from adding it to your regular savoury dishes, you can also eat a few garlic bulbs in the morning. 


This is another amazing natural antibiotic that is known to have healing properties. According to Netmeds, honey contains a good amount of hydrogen peroxide, which exhibits strong antibacterial properties. It is also low in pH, which takes the moisture away from the bacteria, making them die out. The best way to consume honey is to simply swallow a tablespoon every day or combine it with your herbal teas. 

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy for many ailments like acne, sore throats, and digestive infections. This is due to its antibiotic properties. According to Healthline, apple cider vinegar is also good for weight loss. You can consume it by mixing two teaspoons of ACV in a glass of warm water. The best time to drink it is in the morning.


Along with being an effective antibiotic, clove is also known to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. According to Netmeds, regular intake of cloves prevents infections and dental problems. This kitchen spice is best for treating food poisoning and oral infections. For the best results, chew one or two cloves daily on an empty stomach or add them to a glass of lukewarm water and drink.