Worried About Your Kids Tiffin? 6 Simple Pasta Lunch Box Dishes

Kids can be notoriously picky eaters leaving parents in a constant quandary about how to ensure that their little ones are getting the best nutrition out of every meal. Luckily, there’s one dish that can solve all your problems – pasta! It seems like in the world of a child, pasta can do no wrong and for parents, it offers a low-effort option to pack a meal full of hidden veggies, incorporated into a cheesily deceptive sauce. 

One of the best parts is that pasta is notoriously easy to cook and store., so if you’re running late in the morning or packing in advance for the next day, they offer a simple and effective meal that you can send in your kids tiffin without worry. These 6 vegetarian pasta recipes are sure to surprise you with their creativity and make fans of even the pickiest kids.

1.  Penne Pasta with Dates Sauce

This straightforward lunchbox creation combines the goodness of vegetables, penne pasta, and a delectable slightly sweet date sauce. If children aren't too keen on dates, by blending them into the pasta sauce, they’re sure to become fans.

2. Green Mac and Cheese

This recipe boasts a bechamel sauce laced with fresh basil pesto and a base teeming with finely blended hidden green vegetables like spring onions, broccoli and peas. The clever inclusion of vegetables is subtle enough that kids won't even notice. With a hint of spices, this pressure cooker pasta promises both speed and taste.

3. Popeye’s Creamy Dairy-Free Pasta

Penne Pasta with Spinach Nuts Sauce is a great option for kids who are lactose intolerant or follow a vegan diet. In this recipe, the absence of cheese can go unnoticed, thanks to the delectable spinach and creaminess of the cashew paste as a dairy substitute. The spinach also adds a dose of iron to the meal while being disguised from being a leafy green.

4. Makhani Pasta

For kids with a love for desi flavours, this is a guaranteed lunchbox hit. Pasta is pre-cooked in a pressure cooker, and you can conceal cauliflower and other grated veggies within the spiced sauce. This clever trick ensures that children won't pick out the vegetables, as they seamlessly blend with the pasta sauce.

5. Farm Fresh Pasta Salad

Cook and drain the pasta and as it cools, start cutting up a selection of fresh vegetables. You can also add things like boiled corn, blanched broccoli or green beans and chopped deli meats and cheese for added flavour. Mix it all up with a mayo-mustard dressing and send your kid to school with a wholesome treat that will stay fresh all day. 

6. Pasta ‘Omelette’

If you're seeking an unconventional treat that stick tickles your pasta tastebuds, try this reimagined ‘omelette’. This five-ingredient recipe introduces cooked pasta onions, spinach and carrots along with spices into besan batter for a unique twist. Serve it warm, and kids will relish the soft pasta amidst other delectable components.