World’s Biggest Fork To Be Installed In Fairview, Will It Make It To The Guinness Records?
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, Do you want to eat with this fork?

You know how extremities work well with people. In the age of social media and Instagrammable spots around the globe, everyone is the race to garner attention and attract audience. Some do it by creating bizarre food combinations while the others get a little more creative and give us some memorable dishes or hacks for life. Take the miniature culture for instance. If you’re active on Instagram, you might have spotted those videos which feature miniature kitchens with thumb-sized tools and ingredients. The final dish also looks really small and cute. Just like these attract eyeballs, so does the other extreme. 

Large and humongous foods or dishes make us stop and look. There are plenty of challenges surrounding these too like finishing a huge thali or a big burger meal. The Bahubali panipuri or tower dosa are also proof of the same. These tend to intrigue the curiosity and attract us towards it. Something similar is happening in the food space in a small city called Fairview. The Fairview Food Plaza will now have a giant installation of a fork at the entrance to welcome the visitors. This huge fork is said it be 37 feet tall, which surpasses the world’s largest fork in Missouri which measures up to 35 feet. 

Source: Juliusbarng/Instagram, This is the Missouri Fork installation. 

The stainless steel fork will be a major attraction as it claims to be the world’s biggest fork and is awaiting a certification from the Guinness Book Of World Records. The food cart pod will have upto 16 areas for recreation and food. The strategic placement of the fork in the front of the food plaza makes it a great way to come into the eyes of people. The fork installation was inaugurated on 15th February, 2022. 

Well, we may not able to witness the world’s biggest fork just yet but we can surely eat the dishes that need a fork. Let’s see what we are talking about. 

1.  Spaghetti With Garlic Butter 

Tossed in a light and easy preparation of chopped garlic and butter, the long strands of spaghetti taste delicious. You don’t need any sauce or condiments except for a sprinkle of a few herbs for the aroma and colour. 

2.  Hakka Noodles 

Twist and slurp because we’ve got a bowl of hakka noodles ready for you. The fine noodles are tossed with a plethora of vegetables which have been stir-fried in oil and salt. You can add some soy sauce to give your noodles tanginess and some colour. 

3.  Mac n Cheese 

The soft and moist macaroni is covered in oodles of cheese and cream. This is then baked to perfection and well, you definitely need a fork for that cheese pull.