World's Best Restaurant By Virgilio Martinez Is Coming To Mumbai
Image Credit: Virgilio Martinez/ Instagram, Central/ Instagram

When people say cooking is an art, they do not mean how just one represents the food on the plate. It comprises cooking techniques used to mix different flavours, fuse two ingredients of opposite notes, and create a masterpiece using ingredients that no one would ever think about. Chef Virgilio Martinez is among the food culinary masters and artists who have made a mark in the restaurant business.

He owns Central, a restaurant in Peru, which was titled ‘World’s Best Restaurant 2023’ and listed among the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The good news is that the restaurant as well as the chef are coming to Mumbai for special dinners from May 24 to 35, 2024, at Koishii, St Regis Hotels. 

In an exclusive with Mid-Day, Raaj Sanghvi, CEO of Culinary Culture, said that the aim of the organisation is to bring the world’s best culinary talent to India. With Chef Virgilio Martinez recreating his iconic kitchen of Central in Mumbai, the diners would have a one-of-a-kind dining experience. 

Meet Chef Virgilio Martinez

Image Credit: Central/ Instagram

If you are a food enthusiast, you will define Chef Virgilio Martinez as the superstar of the culinary world, especially Peruvian cuisine. Not only does he promote the cuisine of his country, but he is among new-age chefs who have been infusing modern techniques with indigenous Peruvian ingredients to create dishes that are nothing short of a masterpiece.

He uses unique ingredients like an edible cyanobacteria that is found in the high-altitude wetlands and potatoes grown at least 5,000m above sea level. In 2013, he reportedly led an interdisciplinary group to travel around Peru looking for unique ingredients, many of which he uses in his food today. In 2018, he even opened his laboratory in Andes where he works with local families to create a list of different kinds of crops that are grown or can be cultivated in Peru. 

Central: Chef Virgilio Martinez’s Brainchild

Image Credit: Central/ Instagram

In 2008, Chef Virgilio Martinez started Central, a restaurant that was listed at the top of Latin America’s Best Restaurants in 2014, 2015, and 2016. It was among the top five joints consecutively for seven years. 

One of the unique features of Central is that the food on the menu showcases Peruvian biodiversity. The dishes include ingredients harvested -15m to 4200m above sea level. This is the first time that Chef Virgilio Martinez is bringing Central to Mumbai, India, and he will be introducing Indian diners to Peruvian ingredients.