World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024: Gaggan, Tresind Studio-Top 15
Image Credit: Instagram: @gaggan_anand; @tresindstudio

The award ceremony for the World’s 5o Best Restaurants took place in Las Vegas on June 5, 2024. Amongst all the places known for their culinary art, like Spain, France, London, Tokyo, etc, Indian cuisine bagged its much-deserved spot in the list of top 50. Even though a restaurant in India didn’t make it this time, the cuisine travelling across and ranking in the top 15 is a win in itself. The fine dining spots, Gaggan in Bagkok and Tresind Studio in Dubai take a huge leap for the rich Indian cuisine and carry forward the traditional dishes in style.

Gaggan, Bangkok - Rank 9

Bagging the 9th Spot, Gaggan, in Bangkok, is a progressive Indian restaurant run by Kolkata-born Chef Gaggan Anand. Reports suggest that this year, Gaggan has made it to the list for the second consecutive time. Earlier, it was also awarded with the title of “Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.”

As per World’s 50 Best Restaurants, you can “Discover the culinary creativity of Gaggan Anand, Kolkata-born chef and former drummer, who brings a rebellious spirit to fine dining. This innovative eatery combines humour and out-of-the-box presentations, offering a sensory adventure that challenges traditional dining norms.”

The restaurant is most famous for serving Indian food with a twist and a hint of French, Thai, and Japanese on the menu. One of the most interesting facts that caught the guests’ attention was its earlier menu, laid out in emoticons, encouraging people to get a wholesome experience by eating with their hands and licking the plate. 

As per reports, its most celebrated dish is “Lick It Up,” which features Indian colours resembling Holi gulal that are safely extracted from vegetable dyes. Some of the other highly acclaimed dishes on their menu are Flower Power, which is a rich mousse and Brain Freeze, which interestingly asks the guests to guess the ingredients.

Tresind Studio, Dubai - Rank 13

The two Michelin Star restaurant, Tresind Studio in Dubai which celebrates India’s rich culinary heritage, has now also made the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Paying an ode to the Indian concept, “Atithi Devo Bhava,” chef Himanshu Saini made sure to give the guests a personal experience with an intimate setting that only has seating for 20 people.

The report from the World’s 50 Best Restaurants states, “Tresind Studio resembles an intimate theatre where the open kitchen is the stage. Natural elements such as fresh flowers, leaves, shells, and butterflies play the main characters in a four-act show that highlights the best of every region.”

As per reports, the fascinating menu takes the guests through a gastronomical adventure that begins with an exquisitely created map of India. Even the courses are served with three main dishes, each representing the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western regions of the country.

Overall, the menu features a selected range of seventeen dishes that take the guests through the history, agricultural experiences, and traditional dishes from the diverse regions of the Indian subcontinent. Reportedly, it is worth taking note that all the dishes are served in a theatrical scene. Be it a personal hob to keep the gravies at the right temperature, using dry ice for the fragrance, or complementing shades of crockery as per the dish being served.