World Rum Day: 4 Exciting Rum Cocktails To Celebrate The Day

Rum is a beloved liqueur that is cherished worldwide. This is due to the versatility and ability of this spirit to fit every occasion. Rum is primarily produced through the fermentation and distillation of sugarcane byproducts, such as molasses or sugarcane juice. Light rums are typically aged for a shorter duration in oak barrels, while darker ones undergo longer maturation periods. White, golden, spiced, and dark are some well-known styles of rum that are relished all over the world.

World Rum Day is globally celebrated on the 2nd Saturday of July each year, and this time it falls on July 8. With its diverse flavour profiles, this liqueur can add a lively touch to any cocktail. From light and fruity to bold and spicy, it offers a wide range of cocktail options to suit every taste preference. Some popular rum cocktails are the mojito, pina colada, and mai tai.

But if you are looking for some more interesting rum cocktails, here are four recipes shared by Maka Zai Rum:

Fisherman’s Tot

With vibrant hues of orange and red, this cocktail is the perfect choice if you’re looking to enjoy a refreshing sip on a warm afternoon. It is easy to prepare and perfect to share with your friends.  


  • 60 ml Maka Zai white rum  
  • 20 ml of kokum syrup  
  • A pinch of Himalayan pink salt  
  • 90 ml soda  
  • Garnish basil leaves  


  • Pour the kokum syrup into a tall glass with ice. Add in the white rum and a pinch of salt.
  • Top it off with soda and stir. Garnish it with some basil leaves, and enjoy!

Charred Corn Daiquiri

Ever heard of using charred corn in a daiquiri? A nostalgic take on the classic daiquiri, this recipe is a throwback to monsoon days enjoyed with roasted corn on the cob, but with rum, of course! Muddle this interesting cocktail and enjoy. 


  • 60 ml Maka Zai white rum 
  • 20 ml of fresh lime 
  • 20 ml of sugar syrup  
  • 3 bar spoons of charred corn kernels  
  • Garnish: a slice of charred corn


  • Muddle the corn along with the lime juice and sugar syrup. Add the Maka Zai white rum and shake with ice.  
  • Double strain into a coupe glass rimmed with salt and chilli powder, and garnish with a slice of charred corn. 

Ponnje Toddy

Ponnje toddy, or palm wine, is typically made using the sap of various species of palm trees, such as the palmyra, date palm, and coconut palm. Try a unique take on it with rum and celebrate World Rum Day.


  • 60 ml Maka Zai gold rum
  • 1 bar spoon orange marmalade
  • 7.5 ml of ginger honey
  • 120 ml Earl Grey tea
  • Garnish: clove-stitched orange slice, cinnamon, and star anise


  • In a warm goblet, add 1 bar spoon of orange marmalade, gold rum, ginger honey, star anise, and cinnamon, and give it a nice stir till the marmalade dissolves well.
  • Add warm Earl Grey tea from the top and garnish it with an orange slice studded with cloves.

Cafe Rumatini

This simple cocktail combines the two best drinks in the world, coffee and rum, to prepare the perfect caffeinated concoction. This rum cocktail is perfect to amp up any kind of celebration.


  • 60 ml Maka Zai gold rum
  • 20 ml of fresh espresso
  • 15 ml of chocolate syrup
  • Garnish with grated cinnamon.


  • In a shaker, add all the ingredients and lightly muddle the coffee and chocolate syrup.
  • Add ice and give it a nice shake. Pour it into a tall glass with ice and garnish it with some grated cinnamon.