World Milk Day 2024: Mixologists Share Milk-Based Cocktails

Milk is an essential ingredient for most of the recipes. Ranging from a breakfast bowl with your favourite cereal and milk to a sweet pudding with milk as a non-negotiable ingredient. To give milk its due importance and recognise it as a global food, the entire world celebrates World Milk Day on the 1st of June every year.

To celebrate the day in style, Slurrp conducted exclusive interviews with renowned mixologists and experts across the country. Why don’t you learn more about how milk can be used to add some value to your booze? Here are some recipes meticulously crafted by the experts and tips for trying them at home.

The Evolution Of Milk-Based Cocktails

“Over the past few years, the use of milk in cocktails has evolved in various ways. Traditionally, milk was mainly used in creamy cocktails like White Russians or Mudslides. However, in recent years, mixologists have been experimenting more with milk, incorporating it into a wider range of cocktails beyond just creamy drinks,” says Ratan Upadhyay, Mixologist at The Nines.

To this, Sunny Michael D’souza, the Head Mixologist at Charlee, added, “Mixologists are increasingly pushing the boundaries of traditional cocktail recipes. Milk, in various forms, is being used in innovative ways, such as in foams, infusions, and even milk-washed spirits, to create unique flavour experiences. There has been a renewed interest in classic cocktails, some of which traditionally use milk or cream. This revival brings drinks like the Brandy Alexander and Grasshopper back into vogue, often with modern twists.”

If you talk about how the scene is today, Jonas Ax, Advocacy Lead at Bacardi, India, said, ”More recently, there has been a resurgence of milk clarification, also known as "lacto-clarification," within mixology circles. This ancient technique, originating from the Milk Punch cocktail in the early 1600s, has regained popularity. Its purpose is to temper the flavours of a harsh beverage and remove much of its colour, resulting in an opaque or even completely transparent appearance.”

Flavours And Textures Of Milk-Based Cocktails

Milk, being a smooth and silky beverage, can add unique flavours and profiles to a cocktail. As per the mixologists and experts, milk can not only mellow the harsh edges of strong spirits, resulting in a more refined and balanced drink but also contributes a subtle sweetness that enriches the flavour profile.

Ratan Upadhyay, Mixologist at The Nines, says, “If you want your cocktail to have any of the below-mention flavours textures, you should try adding milk to your cocktails.”

Creaminess: Milk, especially whole milk or cream, can contribute a rich and creamy texture to cocktails. The creaminess helps to make the texture smoother and feel luxurious with every gulp you take.

Sweetness: Milk naturally contains lactose, a type of sugar which can add a subtle sweetness to cocktails. If your ingredients include some sour or acidic components, adding milk can balance the flavour profile.

Nuttiness: If you like to have a nutty flavour in your cocktail, you can use almond or hazelnut milk to give a twist to the classic recipes.

Creamy Foam: Whenever you shake the cocktail with milk, you’ll get a foamy layer, which is not just visually appealing but also adds an airy texture to your drink.

Popular Types Of Milk To Use For Cocktails

While dairy milk is an impeccable option, due to certain dietary restrictions and personal preferences, mixologists use different types of milk to make creamy cocktails.

“I prefer using whole milk and almond milk in cocktails for their distinct contributions. Whole milk imparts a rich, creamy texture and enhances the sweetness, adding depth and smoothness to the drink. Conversely, almond milk accentuates flavours and contributes a nuanced sweetness, offering a unique flavour profile. I avoid oat milk due to its sensitivity to warm temperatures, which can cause it to coagulate and become slimy, potentially leading to an unpleasant drinking experience,” share Moksh Sani, Founder of Living Liqudz and Co-Founder of Glenwalk and Jitin Merani, Co-Founder of Glenwalk.

Jonas Ax, Advocacy Lead at Bacardi, India, says, “I usually use full or whole milk. In a normal cocktail, the fat content goes a long way to carry flavour, and since you’re not using big amounts to start with, you want a band for your buck. In lacto-clarified drinks, the same thing applies; the fuller milk, the better.”

Milk-Based Cocktail Recipes Shared By Mixologists And Experts

Enchanted Butterbrew By Moksh Sani, Founder of Living Liqudz and Co-Founder of Glenwalk and Jitin Merani, Co-Founder of Glenwalk


  1. Salted Butter: 1½ tsp
  2. Caramel Syrup: 30 ml
  3. Butterscotch Crush: 30 ml
  4. Milk: 200 ml
  5. Pink Himalayan Salt: A pinch
  6. Cinnamon Stick: 1
  7. Vanilla Extract: 2 dashes
  8. Ice cubes
  9. Glenwalk Whisky: 60 ml
  10. Cream Soda: Top up


  1. Take all the ingredients and shake them together.
  2. Rim a glass with a mixture of cinnamon powder and brown sugar.
  3. Pour into the rimmed glass with a few ice cubes.
  4. Top with whipped cream, a dehydrated orange slice, a cinnamon stick, and caramel popcorn.

The Inspiration Behind The Cocktail

Growing up, I always cherished watching Harry Potter, whether during summer vacations or winter holidays. The magical, enchanting experience and brilliant storytelling captivated me. As a dedicated Potterhead with a passion for cooking, I delighted in recreating recipes from the movies, with the classic Butterbeer being a particular favourite.

When I assumed the role of brand ambassador for The Glenwalk, I knew I had to create something Harry Potter-themed using this exceptional blended Scotch. The Glenwalk’s sweet caramel notes with hints of spice allowed me to infuse my Indian heritage into this Scottish marvel. The decision to craft a milk-based cocktail was a thoughtful one, rooted in the understanding of milk’s multifaceted properties. Recognising its dual capacity to offer cooling relief in the heat of summer and comforting warmth on chilly days underscores a nuanced appreciation for culinary alchemy.

Collaborating with our expert mixologist, Mr. Bhabuji Jinaga, we crafted the Enchanted Glen Butterbrew, a magical milk-based cocktail. This creation seamlessly blends my favourite whisky with flavours that are perfect for all seasons. Whether enduring the scorching summer heat of India, enjoying the cosy monsoon, or savouring the comfort of winter, this versatile cocktail brings the enchantment of Harry Potter to life with every sip.

Sunny Michael D’souza, the Head Mixologist at Charlee


  1. JW Double Black: 52.5 ml 
  2. Fresh whole milk: 30 ml
  3. Honey Syrup: 7.5 ml
  4. Amnonds or nutmeg for garnishing
  5. Cheese for garnishing


  1. Mix JW Double Black, milk, and honey.
  2. Pour the mixture into a coupe glass.
  3. Garnish cheese flamed and grated on the cocktail.
  4. Sprinkle grated nutmeg or almond.

The Inspiration Behind The Cocktail

At Charlee, most of the guests whom we cater to ask the bartenders to give them a drink which has a dairy product which is thick and they can feel the luxurious mouthfeel. This request from guests inspired me to make this rich and creamy cocktail.

Lacto-Clarified Cocktail By Jonas Ax, Advocacy Lead at Bacardi, India


  1. DEWAR’S 12YO: 150ml
  2. Earl Grey tea: 90ml
  3. Lime Juice: 50ml
  4. Mango Puree: 50ml
  5. Sugar Syrup: 50ml
  6. Cardamon Powder: 2.5g
  7. Whole Milk: 75ml


  1. Combine all ingredients except milk, and pour the milk slowly into the cocktail mix.
  2. Let it sit and curdle for 2 – 3 hours. 
  3. Strain out through a coffee filter. 
  4. Pour over ice and enjoy. Makes four drinks.

The Inspiration Behind The Cocktail

This cocktail plays on the tropical notes of seasonal mango with an added cardamom kick. Earl Grey tea plays incredibly well with DEWAR’S 12YO as the base of the drink. After the clarification, all flavours will be mellow and combined into a velvety, tropical summer drink.

DEWAR’S Latte Martini By Jonas Ax, Advocacy Lead at Bacardi, India


  1. DEWAR’S 15YO: 60ml
  2. Espresso: 60ml
  3. Full Cream Milk: 15ml 
  4. Hazelnut Syrup: 5ml
  5. Coffee beans: 3


  1. Add the first four ingredients to a shaker and shake with ice.
  2. Strain into a chilled martini glass. 
  3. Garnish with three coffee beans.

The Inspiration Behind The Cocktail

It’s an Espresso Martini for cappuccino people! Most Espresso Martinis are fairly intense with black coffee and vodka. This version swaps the vodka for DEWAR’S 15YO and adds in milk & hazelnut syrup. 

Tips To Make The Perfect Cocktail With Milk

If you are a beginner to making cocktails with milk, here are some shared by the experts and mixologists who have mastered the skills.

Use Fresh Milk: Always use fresh milk and other ingredients to ensure the best flavour and texture. Check expiration dates and store milk properly in the refrigerator.

Choose the Right Milk: Select the type of milk based on the flavour and texture you want in your cocktail. Whole milk for creaminess, skim milk for a lighter option, or dairy alternatives for unique flavours.

Tools: Invest in basic bartending tools such as a shaker, strainer, jigger (for measuring), and a good mixing spoon.

Chill The Ingredients: Keep all ingredients, including milk, chilled before mixing. This helps maintain the desired consistency and prevents spoilage.

Shake Well: Shake cocktails with milk vigorously to ensure a well-mixed, frothy texture. This is particularly important for drinks like the White Russian or Brandy Alexander.

Also note, “Milk can curdle and spoil when mixed with sour or citrus ingredients, leading to an unpleasant texture and taste. Additionally, certain liqueurs may not pair well with milk, resulting in undesirable flavour combinations. If the ingredients do not blend harmoniously, there is a risk of food poisoning or acid reflux. Therefore, careful selection and preparation are crucial to ensure a safe and enjoyable milk-based cocktail,” inform Moksh Sani, Founder of Living Liqudz and Co-Founder of Glenwalk and Jitin Merani, Co-Founder of Glenwalk.

But most of all, Jonas Ax, Advocacy Lead at Bacardi, India, advises to experiment! It’s an amazing ingredient. All the way from a classic White Russian to a Whisky Punch.