World Health Day 2024: Top Spots In Mumbai For Healthy Eating

When we're eating normally, we don't often give much consideration to the number of calories we consume or the potential health risks of the food we're eating. But for those who are health-conscious, it can be different; for them, it's all about eating well and exercising regularly. If you find yourself in Mumbai, now is the time to try some of the eateries that focus on using fresh, locally produced and provide a range of healthy alternatives. There are a lot of options for satisfying your hunger without sacrificing your health, from trendy vegan restaurants to lively salad bars. To assist you in maintaining a healthy diet, we have included a listicle of reastaurants that provide nutritious food options. 

Sante Spa Cusine, BKC 

The ultimate destination for vegetarian dining in Mumbai has been discovered at BKC! Santé Spa Cuisine, a healthy haven that originated in Pune over 8 years ago stands out with its extensive array of vegan and vegetarian offerings. This is not just any ordinary vegetarian restaurant; it is a culinary paradise brimming with taste, creativity, and a strong dedication to promoting healthy and sustainable dining options. This World Health Day, partake in their expansive menu that boasts a vibrant symphony of Vegan, gluten-free, and protein-rich options, all meticulously crafted using the freshest, wholesome, natural, and organic ingredients. Committed to clean eating, they prioritize whole foods and avoid processed ingredients. Savour their unique Quinoa Biryani and the Bajra Risotto. Dive into the Zucchini Zoodles in Hemp Pesto, the aromatic Green Thai curry with steamed, unpolished brown rice, or sip on the antioxidant-rich Cherry Berry Smoothie. 

Wellness Redefined with The Pantry x Neha Sahaya's new wellness menu, Fort and Worli 

If you’re looking to start afresh and pamper yourself with all things good and healthy, then this just might be for you. The Pantry- Guilt-free Goodness introduces an all-new menu in collaboration with renowned celebrity nutritionist and wellness consultant Neha Sahaya. The Pantry, a revolutionary player in the healthy online food delivery market widely known for its eclectic range of healthy and hearty food options has partnered up with Neha Sahaya, together they have carefully crafted a menu for you to indulge all your cravings guilt-free. Take your pick from the munchy Fresh Vietnamese Summer Rolls prepared with rice paper roll with vermicelli noodles, Asian basil, raw mango, carrots, and cucumber, with peanut ginger dipping sauce at the side or try the Zucchini zoodles with grilled pesto chicken made with zucchini zoodles spirals with house-made pine nut pesto served with herbed grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes & parmesan with herbed almond sauce will make you forget all your worries.  

Si Nonna’s, Lower Parel 

India’s first original sourdough pizza joint has long been synonymous with serving the most authentic Italian delights right here in Mumbai! Si Nonna’s emulates a typical Neapolitan pizzeria serving fried nibbles, salads, oven-baked starters and most importantly, hand-stretched Neapolitan pizzas and desserts. But it's not just this anymore, the beloved pizza joint is geared up to take care of you in the healthiest way with its exclusive Vegan pizza, prepared carefully with locally sourced ingredients and made with love. 

Eat Healthy with Ditas, Lower Parel 

Ditas, a culinary destination redefining the dining experience is all prepared to serve you with a menu that takes care of all your diet needs. The Ditas Healthy Menu helps keep you your fanciful promises of eating healthy. The talented chefs at Ditas seamlessly blend healthy eating with explosive flavours. Each of the starters is below 200 calories and the mains are below 400 calories, ensuring you get a delicious, indulgent and filling meal that does not compromise on calories or taste. Try out these dishes and you won’t be disappointed. The classic Quinoa Salad is made with fresh herbs, peppers, chilli apricot and organic honey dressing. Take a bite of the House Spice Smoked Chicken prepared with grilled chicken breast, sauté veggies, basil au jus or indulge in Tuna Avocado Tartare made with capers, truffle ponzu dressing, garlic flakes, and lime and experience the goodness wash over you.