World Gin Day: Here’re Some Of The Finest Gin Cocktails
Image Credit: Gin cocktails are a rage these days

One of the most prominent spirits that has been taking the Indian bars by a whole new wave is the Gin. With the growing popularity of cocktails, and not to miss the plethora of mixer brands that have popped up in the recent times, gin has that too, the homegrown ones have created a mark for themselves. The Indian gin drinker has started to appreciate this new wave of brand that sees some extremely diverse gins varieties. On this World Gin Day lets explore some of the finest cocktails from the City of Joy


Sujan Saha- Mixologist, Lord Of The Drinks, Kolkata says  “Gin based cocktails hold a different place in my heart. I’d say it’s because of its nature; it is a neutral Sprite which makes it quite convenient to mix with other and any fruits and flavors. A gin-infused cocktail results in a very refreshing and enjoyable drink”. 


·    Blue pea infused gin- 60ml

·    Elderflower syrup- 10ml

·    Lime juice- 15ml

·    Tonic water- 60ml


·    Take a shaker, and put the blue pea infused gin, elderflower & lime juice top-up with tonic water, and mix it well.

·    Have a sheer goblet glass and pour the cocktail into it.

·    Garnish it with edible flowers & with a slice of an orange.


Biswajit Biswas- Mixologist, Traffic Gastropub says ‘ “Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink that derives its predominant flavour from juniper berries. Gin originated as a medicinal liquor made by monks and alchemists across Europe, particularly in southern Italy, Flanders and the Netherlands, to provide aqua vita from distillates of grapes and grains. As gin is a neutral spirit it takes all the flavors whenever it's is infused with other substances. For me it got easily infused with blue pea tea and it changed its colour along with flavors. So it is most preferred alcohol across the globe for making cocktails.”


·    Blue pea flower tea-infused gin- 60ml

·    Fresh lime juice- 10ml

·    Lavender

·    Tonic water


·    Take a shaker, and put the blue pea flower tea-infused gin & fresh lime juice top-up with tonic water, and mix it well.

·    To pour the cocktail take a glass and put the cocktail in.

·    For garnishing put some lavender flowers on it.


Sujit Thakur- Mixologist, Canteen Pub & Grub adds " As a mixologist Mixing  gin will always dilute the taste a bit, so there won't be an extremely noticeable difference between all the gins. Gin is often used for its crisp and fresh taste, which is the taste that pretty much all gins have. As gin is made with juniper berries which are extremely super berries,helps to fight liver and kidney disease ,makes your bones stronger and it's a low calorie spirit


·       Gin- 60ml

·       Fresh watermelon chunks-   4/6 pcs

·       Lime juice- 15ml

·       Homemade fennel wine syrup- 20mlMethod

  • Add watermelon chunks with fennel wine syrup in a shaker and muddle it.
  • Put the remaining ingredients like gin, and lime juice in the puddle and mix it well with some ice.
  • Strain it well.
  • Take a pre-chilled Martini glass pour the strained product, garnish it with watermelon.