This World Gin Day, Pair Your Drink With The Right Kind Of Food
Image Credit: Pixabay, From cured meats to cheese, all that you can pair with gin.

As soon as you hear the word Gin, Tonic follows right after. Gin and Tonic or G & T is a classic cocktail combination that is enjoyed by a lot of people during parties. Gin, for those untouched by the phenomenon, is a type of spirit that is made from juniper berries. The word gin is derived from the Latin words genever or juniperus which mean juniper. The alcohol base is made from grapes and berries which are fermented and distilled or redistilled. The process involves mashing grains and obtaining a neutral spirit. It is this neutral spirit that is then mixed with botanical or floral flavours like juniper to give it a tantalizing aroma and taste. 

Did you know that Gin and Tonic were actually invented for medicinal purposes? The much-famed drink was a solution to spread of malaria in India during the British rule. It was the East India Company that devised a concoction that would be suitable for taste while doing its medicinal job. The large-scale malaria epidemic in India during the British rule was quite common and quinine was introduced as a potion to cure it. From this distasteful and bitter drink in the 18th century to a delicious cocktail made with gin, quinine, sugar, lime and water, Gin and Tonic emerged as a preventive measure for ailments like malaria for the soldiers in the army and gave way to a popular drink that was here to stay. 

Source: Pixabay

The kofta is a ball of minced meat that is popularly eaten in the Middle-East. The meaty balls made of lamb work well with Gin because the red meat’s flavour is often enhanced with the same spirit. The juniper’s floral flavour is a treat to eat with flatbreads and a glass of Gin.