World Coconut Day: The History, Significance And Importance
Image Credit: Unsplash

In the year 2009, the Asian Pacific Coconut Community (APCC), introduced World Coconut Day in Jakarta, as a way of raising awareness about the benefits, uses and importance of the tropical fruit. Since then, the 2nd of September each year, countries in the Pacific and Asian regions observe the day as a way of promoting and amplifying the many positive qualities of the fruit. Among the total coconut production in the world, Indonesia, Philippines and India occupy the top three positions as the world’s largest producers.

Apart from being known for its various health benefits, coconuts are also an inexpensive fruit that is easily available just about anywhere. What’s more – every part of the coconut – from its pulp, water, shell and husk can be used for a variety of purposes. Coconuts, apart from being used for culinary purposes, have also transitioned to being one of the key ingredients used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. As a way of celebrating this significant day, the APCC encourages people to cook with coconut at home, along with raising awareness on how to pick the perfect coconut and crack it open safely.

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Another interesting fact about World Coconut Day is that it is also celebrated on the same day as the formation of the APCC community, back in the year 1969. This inter-governmental organisation comprises of the Asian Pacific coconut-producing countries to co-ordinate and harmonize activities taking place within the industry. Originally known as Asian Coconut C, the name was modified to APCC when countries outside of the Asian continent began to join the union. Typically, the APCC announces a theme for each year, following which celebrations are planned in tandem with it. Today, the APCC is an 18-country strong organisation that engages in promoting the versatility and significance of coconuts.

Beach-themed parties serving up coconut-based cocktails and food are usually the way to enjoy the day. In India, the occasion is marked by farmers, businessmen and industry experts engaging in conversations about coconut production, raising awareness about the countless advantages of the tropical fruit and creates opportunities for farmers to avail a fair price for their produce in commercial markets. Over time, the focus of the APCC has been on creating sustainable solutions that also allow for long-term benefits that would enable future generations to make the most of the all-encompassing fruit.