World Coconut Day 2023: 6 Ways To Use This Versatile Ingredient

World Coconut Day is celebrated on 2nd September every year, and it is totally fair to celebrate this versatile fruit. The day is celebrated to make people aware of the values and advantages of this versatile fruit. Right from being added to dishes to drinks to cosmetic preparations as well as decorations, coconut is a king, and this is for a reason. As per some reports, coconut is one of the most consumed fruits worldwide. No wonder! 

Let us take you through six different and amazing ways in which you can use this versatile ingredient in the kitchen. Have a look and thank us later! 

Video credits: Bhusanur.Cooking/YouTube

Coconut As A Thickening Agent 

Coconut milk and cream plays an essential role in several cuisines. In curries, soups, stews as well as desserts, coconut milk adds a rich and creamy texture while imparting a subtle coconut flavor. Coconut cream is even thicker and can be used for making creamy sauces and desserts. 

Coconut As Cooking Oil 

Coconut oil is a popular cooking oil used in several households across India. Known for its high smoke point and distinct flavor, coconut oil is ideal for sautéing, frying, as well as baking. Besides, coconut oil could also be used in vegan desserts or energy bars because of its natural sweetness and solidifying properties. 

Coconut As Garnish 

Shredded coconut is one of the most ideal choices when to comes to garnishing sweet and savory dishes. Shredded coconut could be used as garnish over desserts like kheer, rabdi, barfis along with smoothies, oatmeal etc. One can also add shredded coconut to cookies, cakes, muffins for texture and flavor. 

Coconut As Flour 

Coconut flour is a healthy and gluten-free flour alternative made from dried coconut meat after the oil is extracted. Rich in fiber and protein, this flour can't be substituted completely for regular flour but is often used gluten-free baking cakes, pancakes, muffins etc. 

Coconut As A Flavouring In Desserts 

Coconut is a staple in many dessert recipes. This humble ingredient is added to several Indian desserts like ladoo, barfi, halwa and kheer. They can also be added to macaroons, coconut custards and even ice creams. The versatile forms of coconut, such as shredded, milk, cream, and flour, make it easy to incorporate into a wide range of sweet treats. 

Coconut As Cooking Utensils 

Wait, what? Coconuts could be used as cooking vessels too? Empty coconut husk could be of great use. Empty coconut husks could be transformed into sustainable and organic cooking vessels. In some parts of South India, coconut shell is also used for making idlis, amazing, isn’t it? Besides, you can also use empty coconut husks as serving bowls too.