World Cocktail Day 2022: 6 Cocktails To Get Your Party Started
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Think of having a party at home and one of the first things that come to mind is what cocktails to make. Isn’t that true? No party is ever complete without a round or two of relaxing cocktails. 

The origin of the term ‘cocktail’ is a bit hazy, but there are several theories around the same. For instance, the story of a lady innkeeper frequently features at many places online. It is about the lady who served spirited drinks to war soldiers, occasionally stirring and garnishing them with feathers of her neighbour’s rooster. On the other hand, another popular theory mentions Antoine Amedie Peychaud, who invented Peychaud bitters in the 16th century. It is said that he used to serve toddy in egg cups. Well, no matter which theory holds more truth to the origin, the present truth is that the trend of cocktails has been in trend for years and is nowhere going.

And perhaps, that is why we have a special day on the calendar to celebrate as ‘World Cocktail Day’. It falls on May 13 every year, and marks the day when the definition of a cocktail was published for the first time in 1806.   

The day is celebrated in high spirits with heady cocktails, and we thought you should do the same! With some of the easiest, quickest concoctions that you can stir at home, you can easily mark the day with your closed ones. With the day falling on Friday this time around, we don’t think you need any more reasons.  

1. Aviation 

If Gin is your poison, Aviation is sure to impress you to bits. A dash of lemon and liquor makes this an ultimate delight to kickstart the weekend.  

2. MudSlide 

Is it a drink? Or is it a dessert? This refreshing creamy Kahlua-based cocktail will confuse you but not before getting you hooked!  

3. Moscow Mule

With the summer season in full swing, this power packed vodka cooler is perfect to beat the heat. Bursting with flavours of ginger and lime. Stir and garnish with cucumber sticks and fresh mint. 

4. Long Island Iced Tea 

How can we not mention the classic of all cocktails on the occasion of World Cocktail Day?! Not only is it a great way to unwind in the summer season, but if you are someone looking for a strong, heady cocktail, LIIT is the way to go. A potent mix of vodka, white rum, gin and tequila, garnished with a hint of mint and orange, can you dare say no? 

5. Cosmopolitan 

Another classic cocktail, this blush red concoction impresses women the most, and is also super easy to make with just a handful of ingredients. Add in some cranberry juice, lime and vodka together and you’ll have a refreshing glass to enjoy. 

6. Pina Colada 

Think tropical and pina colada are the first to come to mind. A relaxing beach vacation is never complete without a glass of it. Made with balmy flavours of cream coconut and pineapple blended or shaken with ice and rum, pina colada is sure to get your summer party started.