This classic boozy drink sees a history that dates back thousands of years. Flipping through you can see that apples weren’t for eating as they were often bitter, but the juice was fermented till it had bubbles and hence the bubby apple cider was born. From plucking the apples to crushing  them into pulp and then straining to collect the raw juice, Cider making is a much simple process as it majorly depends on the fermentation that has been used. This alcoholic drink that is made by fermenting apple juice comes in many forms like still, naturally sparkling, bottle-fermented, carbonated, dry,  ice cider, cider brandy, acidic and more. 

As Cider enthusiasts around the world clink their glasses together and make a toast to World Cider Day, some of the health benefits of Cider are that it helps in aiding weight loss, helps in reducing cholesterol, lowers blood sugar levels, and improves the symptoms of diabetes. Apple Cider can be included in one's daily routine as it has very less calories. Apple Ciders can be alcoholic and non-alcoholic. There are numerous Cider drinks available in the market. On this World Cider Day, we have curated a list of the best Ciders that you must try. 

Raising to toast to some of the Ciders

Homing Pigeon 

This Cider is made from apples. It has a tart and sweet taste. It is clear and golden in colour. The aroma of the drink is apples and tarty in nature. It is a classic tart apple cider with a crisp mouthfeel and dry finish. This Apple Cider Drink is available at Independence Brewing Company.

Very Strawberry 

It is a classic cider that is infused with strawberries. This cider is also available at Independence Brewing Company.  It appears clear with pinkish-orange colour. The fruity and tarty smell would make you fresh. It tastes mild tarty and has the sweetness of a Strawberry. This cider is a good option to get refreshed. 


The semi-sweet with fruity and tart flavour of the cider would make you feel relaxed. It is made from apple and champagne yeast strains. The  Fuji, Golden delicious & McIntosh apple aroma would make you taste the cider instantly. It appears to be a clear and sparkling, light-amber liquid. It is made by Siquera and is available at different stores

Doolally Apple Cider 

This cider is brewed in the brewery itself. It tastes fruity, sweet, and bubbly. It is a bit raw and sweet in taste. It is palatable in taste. It is one of the easygoing drinks available. It looks golden, fizzy, and clear. This drink gives a very pleasant time experience.

Toit Cider 

This cider is available at Toit. It is brewed in-house from Apples. It appears to be sunny and clear. It has a Citrusy flavour. We are sure the flavour and aroma would make you feel joyous. As this combination is a bit unique.