Wonka Movie Cast Is All Praises For This Mango-Flavoured Candy

Amidst the whirlwind promotional tour for Wonka – Timothée Chalamet’s brand new movie – the star-studded cast of Olivia Colman, Hugh Grant, Calah Lane, Keegan-Michael Key, Paul King and Simon Farnaby had the opportunity to enjoy indulging in some delicious candy (or not) from six different countries around the world. Amongst those contending for the position of ‘most favourite’ were Fizzers from South Africa, Sonho de Valsa from Brazil, White Rabbit from China, Tom Tom from Nigeria, Carambar from France and Mango Bite from India.

As the cast sat with host Jeff Thurm to guess what flavours they tasted from each candy, some of them seemed to have contrasting opinions on what they liked or did not like. From the very milky tasting White Rabbit to the Fizzer that tasted like a cream soda, a large majority were unimpressed by the Tom Tom from Nigeria. However, when it was finally time for them to taste the Mango Bite, some of them were delighted by the packaging of the hard candy – with Olivia Colman pointing out that its appearance resembled a tiny purse.

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Once each of them unwrapped the cover and began to taste the tropical mango flavour of the sweet, all of them seemed to enjoy the taste of it. While Calah nodded in approval, Keegan-Michael Key exclaimed ‘Oh, this one’s good!’ the moment he could taste it. Olivia Colman declared that the Indian candy was her favourite of the lot, as Timothée agreed with all of the miscellaneous reactions to his cast mates. The host also pointed out that the mango-flavoured candy was traditionally distributed to people during someone’s birthday, in India – where the candy was widely popular. All that was needed was Wonka’s seal of approval, and we couldn’t agree more with the popular choice!