Wondering What To Make For Dinner, Try These South Indian Mutton Curries
Image Credit: Succulent mutton curries to spruce up your palette/ pixabay.com

India's culinary love for mutton delicacies is unrivalled. From the robust nalli nihari that reigns supreme in the northern belt to a plethora of other zealously produced regional dishes that use indigenous spices and cooking techniques, there is something for everyone. Mutton curry is a dish made with goat meat (or occasionally lamb meat) and vegetables. The dish can be found in many forms throughout South Asia and the Caribbean, in different states, countries, and regions. Mutton curry was originally made by mixing all of the ingredients in an earthen pot and slowly cooking the whole meal over a wood fire in a clay oven. Presently, mutton is cooked in pressure cookers after briefly sautéing all of the ingredients and spices in a large pan. Mutton curry is usually eaten with rice or Indian flatbread like naan or parotta. Ragi, a cereal, can also be used to serve the dish. Mutton curry in Odisha is always cooked with khasi goat meat (meat of young castrated male goat). In Odisha, there are various types of goat meat curries. The curry is made with simple, flavorful ingredients and is commonly served with Roti, Naan, or puffed rice in Western Odisha (mudhi). Black Mutton Curry (also known as Konkani Black Mutton) is a curry made with goat or lamb meat, charred coconuts, and a special spice blend. The Konkani district of Maharashtra, India, is where the traditional dish originated.

Here are some South Indian mutton curries that you can enjoy for your dinner-

Atthe Mutton Curry

The Atthe Mutton Curry has a distinct taste and an attractive colour and is made entirely with pure desi ghee and an iron pan. The ghee's richness seeps into the mutton, making it soft and juicy. For your next sumptuous spread, serve it with a serving of fluffy white rice.

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Haleem is a savoury mutton dish from Hyderabad. It is usually slow-cooked for many hours in a copper pot oven with ten parts goat meat to four parts cracked wheat in pure ghee. It's always served with birista (crisp, fried onions), lemon, and coriander.

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