Women’s Day Special: Here Are 4 Pancake Recipes To Make Your Day
Image Credit: Pixabay, From blueberries to almond flour, toss these delicious pancakes for all the lovely women of your life.

You know how we have days to celebrate each day right? Right from our familial relations that we are given at birth like Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day and Sibling’s Day to those bonds that we form on our own like Friendship’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc., there is a day demarcated to rejoice the love we share for each other. But what about celebrating your own self, celebrating you? History is proof of the fact that women have been suppressed and given the status of being weak in society. Today, it is no longer the case because we have a plethora of examples that prove that women have managed to outdo men in most fields. 

The years of women's movements and struggle to get equal rights and status has not gone in vain because ladies have made it to all the top positions in this age. Well, if women have progressed so much it is only rightfully fair to add a day to our calendars to celebrate them and their womanhood. From special breakfast to brunches, you can do a lot of things to enjoy the day with your lovely women. You know what would mellow their hearts on this day, some soft and moist pancakes. 

Here are some pancakes recipes you can devour on women’s day. 

1.  Chocolate Pumpkin Pancakes 

Dive into your chocolate indulgences on Women’s Day with this chocolate pumpkin pancake. Now, you might be wondering why we have featured pumpkin in this delicious recipe. Well, it adds a delicious kick to your pancake batter and pairs well with the chocolate. Drizzle some nuts on top and enjoy. 

2.  Banana Pancakes 

Do you like bananas? Take some sweet and ripe ones and dunk them into your pancakes. Fluffy and airy, the buttermilk pancakes are complemented by chunks of bananas on top. A dash of honey would actually enhance the flavour of the dish. 

3.  Blueberry Rye Pancakes With Molasses Syrup 

Are your ladies a health freak? Don’t ditch your diet on this day too yet dive in some cravings. These whole wheat pancakes are made from the goodness of rye flour. Super healthy and nutritious, these are topped with fresh blueberries and sweetened with molasses syrup. 

4.  Almond Poppy Seeds Pancakes 

Do you like your pancakes slightly crunchy? The nuttiness can be added with the use of almond flour for the pancake batter. Drop in some poppy seeds for additional taste and douse it with a sweet and bright red cherry syrup to go.