Women’s Day 2024: 7 Delicious Snacks To Enjoy High Tea With
Image Credit: Sandwich | Image Credit: Freepik.com

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year across the globe, acknowledging the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day is celebrated to emphasise on gender equality. It celebrates the achievements and progresses women have made, the ongoing struggles that women are facing for parity, and the need for continued advocacy and action across the globe.  

Although Women’s Day is celebrated only on a specific date, make sure you treat all your women in life with due respect and honour. However, as the world celebrates Women’s Day on this specific day, make it special by honouring your women with a special high tea. This Women’s Day, make special snacks for all the women in your life.  

Here are some delicious and easy snacks that you can easily make for all the ladies at home. Read below:  

  • Paneer Tikka  

This snack has to be on the top of the list. The delicious tikka is a crowd-pleaser and is loved by everyone. It is super easy to make and is filled with flavours. The charred paneer cubes are marinated with a whole lot of spices and grilled. The tender and succulent texture of the panner will be loved by all the women out there.  

  • Chilli Idli  

Whether you have fresh or leftover idlis, give an exotic twist to it by adding different condiments to them. You can experiment with idli and make it special by preparing chilli idli. The South Indian idlis are given a twist by replacing chicken with idlis. The idlis are cut into cubes and tossed in capsicum and onions along with a variety of sauces. They are garnished with onion greens.  

  • Pyaaz Pakora  

This is a popular snack in Indian homes as well as a renowned street food. Besides being tasty, they are easy to make as well. This makes a good tea-time snack and can be enjoyed with a hot cup of tea. Pyaaz pakora or onion fritters are dipped in a mixture made of besan and other seasoning and then deep fried.   

  • Masala Bread  

Masala bread does not require any chopping or peeling. Here the masalas only need to be blended and toasted breads will be dipped into it. After the breads are generously coated with flavourful masalas, they are toasted or pan-fried until crispy and golden brown.   

  • Potato Smiley  

Make your women smile by offering them potato smileys. It is not only delicious intake but also in appearance. This piece of snack brings joy to our lives owing to their unique appearance and taste. Moreover, they are really easy to make. They are seasoned with spices and are either baked or fried. 

  • Chicken Sandwich

Sandwiches are considered the go-to snack and it can be made more nutritious and tasty by adding chicken to it. To make this, the bread is toasted and a mixture of shredded boiled chicken, mayonnaise and a variety of vegetables are added to it and another bread is placed over it. This snack can be easily made and enjoyed with your woman.

  • Chilli Potato

If you're tired of eating regular potato French fries, then this is the option you can try. Chilli potatoes are made by tossing the sliced boiled potatoes in sauce and seasoning. They add a savory and spicy taste which can be highly enjoyed during the tea time.