Women’s Day 2022-These Female Mixologist Are Raising The Bar With Their Art
Image Credit: https://unsplash.com/

The most sought after person at a bar is the mixologist who actually makes each one “happy” literally with their art. Shaking and stirring and mixing it’s all about some kinda magic that they pour in the glass. And yes if you think raising the bar is only a man’s forte think twice as these female mixologist have been given then a tough competition. Fiery, feisty and confident behind the bar, these mixologists have carved a niche for themselves.

This women’s day raising a toast to these trailblazing women

Shatbhi Basu



This passionate bartender who loves to travel extensively, she is know for her art and tricks of flipping bottles and glasses along with mixing cocktails. Mostly a self-taught mixologist, Amy loves to freelance for parties and gigs. She also happened to be the first female mixologist champion of La Maison Cointreau India. This coolest woman behind the bar, she learned it all on the table. She believes that practice and focus surely kept her going in this trade. 

Ipsita Chakraborty 

This boho spunky and funky mixologist currently with Chapter 2, Kolkata has been creating waves for quiet sometime. A promoter of homegrown products and zero waste her Instagram says “Being behind the bar goes beyond making cocktails- it's about creating that perfect drink curated for just the mood you are in! Be it Tea, Tisane, Coffee, Cooler or Cocktails, designing beverage for events requires alot of smart planning. From the recovery stations, fresh infused water to that oleo saccharum made from the citrus leftover from the night before..or having enough time to infuse that bottle for tomorrow's event. Beverage completes the other half of the f&b experience.. so when you see me behind the bar, don't just assume I am all for alcohol, I am there to quench your thirst, whichever liquid form you desire! Just don't ask for another mojito please...why? Cause the mint in Kolkata is mostly always hybrid, it looks great, but has no zing, so it never truly ends up being the refreshing highball as it should be, and making half tasty drinks is not what I like to do, I could however make an alternative one with basil & orange ? :)

Cindy Lalramngaihzuali

This 20-year-old young and vibrant mixologist in one of World’s top 100, the Hoots' cocktail bar, is surely confident when it comes to shaking and stirring up a drink. Cindy who swears by her “Hanky Panky” cocktails believes that the name of this cocktail somehow represents me, and moreover the name is fun. The whole flurry of learning something new always excites her and this chirpy bartender surely knows how to make her way in a man’s world. 

Ichcha chhabra

Currently working as a female mixologist at Chidyaghar bar, Roseate House New Delhi, Ichcha chhabra started her bartending journey at the age of 21 from The Westin Gurgaon. Inspired from legends of bar industry like Alexander Shiftanov and Jerry Thomas, the father of American mixology's, she worked for a year at Westin before moving to Roseate House. Led by curiosity she landed up into the profession of bartending. She learnt the tricks of the trade while on the job along with learning how to balance the cocktails.