Woman Pulls A Prank On Co-Workers With A Box Of Doughnuts; Leaves Netizens Amused
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @pubity

April Fool's Day is one when the whole world resorts to pranks, tricks, tomfoolery, and loads of laughter. It is the universally sanctioned day to pull a prank on anyone and people would take it in good spirit. While we know some of the regular pranks that, perhaps, many of us would have pulled on others or have been subjected to, one woman went a step ahead and decided to pull a harmless prank on her co-workers leaving netizens in splits. The now-viral video is serving as prank inspiration for people all over the world. And if your co-workers are foodies, this prank is sure to work on them. 

Now, what would you think if your colleagues brought a box of doughnuts to work? You’d obviously expect it to be full of sweet, round doughnuts, right? When this woman decided to bring the same to her co-workers, she added a hidden twist to it to trick them and the result was as expected. Take a look: