With Mercury Soaring High Delhi-NCR Surely Sees Some All-New Summer Specials On Their Menu
Image Credit: Chef Pawan Bisht with his summer special/ Pic- One8Commune

It’s not just the season that has changed but also has our wardrobe and the plate. Some of cities best restaurants sees a fresh new summer menu that’s both eclectic and diverse. Chefs have done a great job in creating something really flavourful and season specific. 

Here are few of the best from the city

Summer Menu at Food Exchange Novotel

With an array of multi-cuisine dishes at Food Exchange, we have launched more than 30 new dishes spread across Grandmom’s old lost recipes, salads inspired from our fresh herb garden at the hotel, grills, soups, main course and desserts. Each of these dishes tell a forgotten story ( enclosed for your reference) Guest may also try Homemade Gelatos, a selection of freshly made natural and seasonal gelatos available for guests to enjoy. Seasonal flavors like  Mango, Litchi , Mud apple, exotic flavors like Blueberry, Himalayan Honey, Baileys Irish cream.

Salad bowl


“The Summer Cooler Collection comprises five very refreshing flavours to help us beat the heat this season” says Alisha Bedi, Head of Operations who supervised the preparation of the drinks and continues, “The Kiwi Spritzer, Dream of Summer, Strawberry Fizz, Cucumber Cooler and Mimosa all sound so tempting and taste even better”.

It also sees some Chocolate Hazelnut Géant and the Oatmeal Géant, which are very decorative and are sure to please everyone, especially children.

Parat special Summer Chenna Kheer and Chenna Mango Dahi Bhalla

Parat Special Chenna Kheer is the lip-smacking cardamom cheesecurd made up with sweetened milk, garnished and served with dry fruits and Chenna Mango Dahi Bhalla is the Summer special dessert Mango flavoured chenna balls chaat served with Mango yogurt and fresh cut mangoes which is the perfect and unique summer Delicacy from the House of Parat.

Making this special Mango dessert with Banganapalle mangoes to add more deliciousness