Winter Superfoods We Are Banking On This Season

It’s time to remember your shawl, sweaters, and jackets as the world gears up to combat the winter's chills and other health issues associated with it. The Indian peninsula, particularly the northern part of it is known for its extreme weather conditions during the time of winter with temperatures dropping down to minus (-) laden by the cold waves from the west sea coast. Current news reports are already talking about children and elders falling sick due to dengue and other health issues that are vulnerable to their body immunity. Thus, it is important to check on the diet plan with the onset of winter, which would keep them warm from inside and strengthen their body immunity.

A strengthened body immunity helps to keep a good gut health keeping the digestive system on track, boosts metabolism and enhances the entire bodily functions in general, during the season. Thus, it is with priority that each one of us should increase our immunity power with the help of our healthy dietary habits. The must-have seasonal winter superfoods are considered to be the primary source of developing the strong immunity that a body needs to fight the active bacteria and virus of the season.

What should you know about ‘Superfoods’?

‘Superfoods’ are the food items that help intake the maximum amount of nutritional value in exchange for minimum calories, which need not be the expensive imported food items but can be any basic simple Indian food item. Over time, superfoods have gained popularity due to their rich nutritional value and body immunity-building capacity and are considered to be a significant part of healthy diet plans.

Superfoods like ghee, coconut, sweet potatoes, amla, dates, jaggery, millets, the season’s vegetables (collard greens, carrots, broccoli, radishes, cauliflower, winter squash), nuts and mustard are the season’s special and can be adopted to revamp one’s diet habit for a healthier lifestyle. Each of these items are loaded with minerals and vitamin content in it. Not only through daily meals, one needs to revamp their diet habits by incorporating these superfoods in their system, for the best results on their body and mind. Incorporating them in an everyday diet acts as a component for anti-ageing, reducing glycaemic index, helping reduce weight, control diabetes, maintain a good heart health, detoxification of the body besides boosting the entire immune system.

Here are some of the winter special superfoods and their advantages:


Significant to the winter season, helps to keep the body warm by generating instant heat while being one of the most digestible fats. Adding a moderate amount of ghee in dishes or roti and rice prevents the skin from getting dry and flaky.

Sweet potatoes

They are known to be a winter delight, are rich in fiber, vitamin A and potassium that helps curing constipation and build immunity. They also help in reducing body inflammation. Consuming a single piece of it is enough to fulfill the body’s vitamin C content or a day’s beta-carotene requirement.


The rich content of vitamin C in amla helps keep infections at bay and prevents catching cold and flu. The Indian gooseberries are cherished in Indian families during the season in various forms like pickles, candies, chutneys or juices, or just cutting them into slices sprinkled with salt and black pepper powder.


Dates are rich in calcium helping to keep bone and teeth strong making them a must-have for osteoporosis and arthritis patients. The natural sweetener is used in various desserts and sweets during the season. They are packed with loads of health benefits like healing powers, strengthening teeth and bones, and building body immunity.


Another winter delicacy is jaggery that helps increase the oxygen level in the body with its rich iron content, making one feel warmer during the season. It is considered to be one of the healthiest substitutes for sugar which cleanses lungs and can benefit people living in high pollution and winter smog zones.


Whereas, millets like ragi help keep the body warm with its high fiber content and also reduce the body fat content as the amino acid in it helps reduce the appetite. It is known to help with conditions of insomnia, anxiety, and depression too.

Mustard leaves

Lastly, the winter special mustard leaves helps people suffering from asthma and heart diseases and menopausal symptoms and boosts immunity with the rich antioxidants like vitamin K, A and C in it alongside other minerals.

Thus, knowingly or unknowingly, the winter special superfoods are a gift of nature that acts as a shield to many health adversities during the season. In order to stay protected from such incidents during the season where we see children and elders often falling sick due to seasonal infections, it is a must to include these seasonal superfoods in the day-to-day meals. It is always suggested by experts and doctors that prevention is better than cure and there is no better way to stay protected through nutritious foods rather than undergoing medications with side effects later.

About Author: S N Rao, is the Managing Director of Supreem Superfoods