Let’s just agree that we all have had our share of tough time with a glass of milk. Atleast I can speka for the kids from the 90s. Our parents might have always loved it. For instance, my father consumes a glass full of it in his morning meal till date and nothing can replace it for him. I, on the other hand, cannot drink a glass of milk. Coffee for me, please. So making me drink the same during my childhood was the most difficult task for my parents, I suppose. And the most dreaded one for me. I’m sure many of us has had a bittersweet relationship with a glass of milk as children. Whatever our thoughts about milk were, as we grew up, we understood the pool of benefits a tall glass of it came with and have tried incorporating it into our daily diet as much as possible. Tables have turned as I now try and make my nephew drink it, while my parents look at me slyly.  

But even as a kid what I understood was that while drinking a plain white glass of milk is a tough one, adding a hint of flavour to it changes things for good. So, if are like me anywhere, you would love to either sweeten or spice things up with your glass of milk. And if Meetha Doodh has become a cliché for you, Masala Doodh can impress you a lot. And well the frosty winters are a great time to relish the same.  

Masala Doodh is a wonderful play of flavours that includes spices, nuts and dry fruits mixed in with milk. The delightful drink is a common find in the streets of North India where it is prepared in huge batches by the local shops or halwai. I remember having it in once in Alwar, Rajasthan at a famous shop that only sell variety of milk beverages. For Masala Doodh, they simmer the milk continuously till it starts to thicken, post which it is topped with an array of dry fruits and nuts along with Kesar, and choice of spices such as turmeric. It is generally served steaming hot in a kulhad (earthen pot). 

However, it may not be possible for a lot of us to go out and search for winter-special Masala Doodh, especially if you don’t reside in North India. And so, we have got you a special recipe with which you can easily make it from the comfort of your own kitchen. This is a classic recipe, but remember you can always play around with the ingredients and choose spices of your own choice. 

Click here for the recipe of Kesariya Masala Doodh. Try it at home and let us know your experience.