Winter Special Crispy Pakodas: 8 Vegetarian Options to Try

As the cold of winter settles over most of the world, it is time to meet with loved ones and indulge in some hearty comfort food. Crispy pakodas, fried to perfection, emerge as a classic winter treat, presenting an array of flavours and textures. This winter put the abundance of seasonal veggies to good use by turning them into delectable pakodas that will not only satisfy your hunger but also enrich your dining experience. How about we tell you that these vegetarion winter pakoda choices are perfect to enjoy the spirit of the season? 


Palak Pakodas, which get their brilliant green colour from spinach, have a crispy exterior and a soft, savoury interior. Each bite is bursting with the earthy richness of spinach, making this a hearty and delicious wintertime treat. 


There is a mix of strong flavours in Methi Pakodas, which use the bitter, fragrant fresh fenugreek leaves. The crunchy fried wrapping goes well with the bitter methi, making a delicious combination that makes you feel warm and cosy in the winter. 

Mix Veg 

Mix Veg Pakodas are a celebration of colour and variety because they are made with a mix of seasonal veggies. The golden, crunchy batter that surrounds carrots, potatoes, and onions adds a burst of flavour to winter nights and turns them into festive meals. 

Taro Root 

Taro root is the star ingredient in these savoury pakodas because of its unique earthy flavour and starchy texture. These pakodas, which are sliced thinly, covered in a tasty batter, then fried till golden, are a delicious treat to enjoy during the colder months. 


Gobhi Pakodas take cauliflower, a seasonal staple, and make them into a crunchy snack. Coated in a spiced gram flour batter, the florets' soft inner and crunchy exterior capture the essence of winter cosiness in a harmonious textural contrast. 

Hara Dhaniya 

Hara dhaniya, or fresh coriander leaves, give Hara Dhaniya Pakodas their signature green colour and aromatic flavour. Flavorful and light, these pakodas are the ideal complement to a steaming mug of tea on a cold winter day. 


Fresh green peas take on a new avatar in Matar Pakodas, offering a burst of sweetness encased in a crispy coating. These pakodas encapsulate the essence of winter harvest, bringing warmth and joy to the dining table. 

Moong Dal Mongode 

Moong dal, soaked and ground into a coarse paste, forms the base of Moong Dal Mongode, creating a unique texture that is both soft and crunchy. Seasoned with spices and deep-fried, these pakodas are a simple blend of simplicity and flavour, perfect for winter indulgence.