Winter Special: 7 Best Rooftop Cafes In Kolkata You Must Visit
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With winter falling in, the fresh cool breeze lashing onto your skin while making Sun your best friend, the weather seems perfect. Besides, if you want to witness a night sky full of stars, this time is perfect. Such a cozy atmosphere demands for beautiful open-air café where you can sip the coffee of your choice and gulp in delicious food. The open cafes give you the scenic beauty of the morning sun rays as well as the full moon at night.

The open-air cafes in Kolkata provide a distinguished taste and blend of cultures from all over the world. The cafes bring you different cuisine from every corner of the earth with picture-perfect ambiance. 

Take a look at some of the best open-air cafes in the City of Joy:

1.    Roastery Coffee House

If you walk through the streets of Gariahat, you’ll come across a beautiful vintage-style café, Roastery Coffee House. The café was established in the year 2019 and has made its way through the old canteen of Calcutta South India Club. Designed in terms of the British era, the entrance is lined with trees and potted plants on both sides. The outdoor vintage décor which includes white chairs and tables and black-white checkered floors is picture perfect. The indoor area will give you a blended look of Europe and Bengali feels. The café exudes aesthetic vibes with unique upholstery, hanging lamps, and crockery handcrafted.

Address: 70 B, Calcutta South India Club, Gariahat, Kolkata

Most Ordered Drink: Cranberry coffee, cappuccino

Most Ordered Food: Basque Cheesecake, Zucchini Fries, sandwiches and salads, breakfast platters

Average Cost: Rs 1200 for two (approx)

2.    Marbella’s 

The little café with aesthetic charm is a hub for all coffee lovers. Nestled in the lanes of Hindustan Park, the bistro is textured with white walls and patterned floor tiles. The café will give you the essence of a beachside village in Spain. The glass ceiling with sunlight lashing during the day and a sky full of stars at night decored with fairy lights will teleport you to the world of romance. 

Address: 29 A Hindustan Park, Kolkata

Most Ordered Drink: Beetroot Latte, Blue Peaflower, Oolong Mandarin

Most Ordered Food: Chocolate and peanut butter bowl, Pesto roasted mushroom, Egg crescent sandwich.

Average Cost: Rs 800 for two (approx)

3.    Kaffee Am Salzsee

Located in Salt Lake, the café brings out the best of the Central European cuisine in the heart of Kolkata. Experiencing live music you can sip freshly brewed coffee and gulp exquisite European dishes. The open-air area is perfect for winter evenings and the chill and relaxed ambiance will make your time there worthwhile.

Address: CG-148, Sector 2, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Most Ordered Drink: Cappuccino, Café Con Miel, Salted Caramel Shake

Most Ordered Food: Chicken Nasi Goreng, KAS Burger – Chicken, Mediterranean Grilled Fish

Average Cost: Rs 950 for two (approx)

4.    Sienna Store $ Café

What sets the café apart is the store that aims to resonate and preserve the ancient art of rural India. The café which is part of the store enables customers to take a breath of relief from the shopping sprees and eat and drink home-grown dishes. The food and drinks are served on ceramic bowls, plates, and mugs which makes the café exceptional. Initially, the people of the store offered the customers homemade snacks, tea, and coffee which eventually expanded into a café that serves salads, soups, sandwiches, and platters. The outdoor area is filled with plants and trees and the hanging lamps and marble-made tables with “mora” make the place aesthetic.

Address: 49/1, Hindustan Park, Kolkata

Most Ordered Drink: Hot Chocolate

Most Ordered Food: avocado tortilla salad, fried chicken with papaya salad, black rice salad with ginger honey vinaigrette, pesto cherry tomato house-made mozzarella platter with whole wheat bread, Sienna fries with our super spicy house special chili sauce, date and walnut cake.

Average Cost: Rs 1200 for two (approx)

5.    Café Offbeat Up There

Located on the busy EM Bypass, the rooftop café provides a view of the city spread across as far as one’s eyes can see. The urban, cool décor with warm lights and filled with sublime potted plants at every corner makes the café ideal for all generations. The cozy spacing of the couches and ultra-modern infrastructure with a touch of Kolkata vibe will make you fall in love with the place instantly. The place is best for dinners, events, parties, and meetings.

Address: 36/F Offbeat CCU, Topsia Road, Topsia, Kolkata

Most Ordered Drink: Hazelnut Cappuccino, Café Frappe, Iced Caramel Latte

Most Ordered Food: Paneer Tikka Lababdar, Chicken Tikka Butter Masala, Chicken in Chilli Soya Sauce, Chicken Olive Pizza, Boiled Free Range Egg Sandwich

Average Cost: Rs 1800 for two (approx)

6.    Milee Droog

The name means ‘dear friend’ in Russia and so is the café dedicated to Russian-Indian relations. The bistro is magnificent with modern infrastructure and a posh to hang out. The 110 years old Romanian palatial house which was in shabby condition has been transformed into this beautiful café. The café provides a neoclassical and colonial vibe blend with a modern twist. The terrace provides an open dining space as well as an enclosed glass indoor seating space. The interior space has a checkboard floor, white floral designs, and lime-hued pastels. 

Address: 34, Kavi Sabitri PR Chattopadhyaya, Deshapriya Park

Most Ordered Drink: Thick Chocolate Shake, Peach Mojito

Most Ordered Food: Russian Blinis, Borscht, Tuscan Grilled Polenta, Coffee Licked Lamb Chops, Chettinad Chicken Keema, Bengal’s Bhappa Bhetki.

Average Cost: Rs 1200 for two (approx)

7.    Craft Coffee

The 94-seater coffee experience center is not only a coffee stop but provides you with a multitude of side items like cheese, chocolates, confectionery, and also delicious dishes. Hued in shades of white and bright yellow, Craft Coffee experiences an open-air area as well as an interior space. The café is designed with a large number of trees which are lit with fairy lights and provide you with a sight to behold. The center has a coffee roasting zone, a live bakery, and a waiting area on the ground floor from where chocolate, cheese, and coffee can be purchased.

Address: 26 Ballygunge Park Road, lane opposite CC&FC club

Most Ordered Drink: Coffee Mojito, Pomegranate Cold Brew Coffee, Choco Brownie Blend, Hot Chocolate

Most Ordered Food: Morning Delight Breakfast Platter, Chicken Roulade, Baked cheesecake, Corn and cheese cigar roll

Average Cost: Rs 1200 for two (approx)