5 Cafes Serving The Best Coffee In Mussoorie
Image Credit: Freepik

Mussoorie, also known as the "Queen of the Hills," is a stunning hill station in Uttarakhand. This place continues to be the top choice for weekend getaways for many people because of its picturesque views, vibrant mall road, and buzzing eateries. Mussoorie is also a favourite filming location for many Bollywood filmmakers due to its beautiful and panoramic views. 

Not only that, Mussoorie is also known for its charming cafes, which are gaining popularity among travelers and tourists. We've compiled a list of the top 5 cafes providing the best coffee in Mussoorie that you must visit. 


    Emily’s- Rokeby Manor 

It is located in Landour and is a short distance from the mall road. It will take you about 25-30 minutes to get there, but it will be well worth it. Rokeby Manor is recognised for its peaceful atmosphere and lovely British-style interior with colonial vibes. In addition, their coffee is delicious. Their blueberry cheesecake and sticky toffee pudding are to die for, besides coffee. 

    Landour Bakehouse 

This bakery and cafe is very popular with Bollywood directors, and it has appeared in a number of films. This bakery, which is located in Sisters' Bazaar, is recognised for its tranquil atmosphere. Aside from their fantastic coffees, their chocolate croissants and carrot cake are not to be missed. 

     Little Llama Cafe 

It's a pretty charming cafe in Picture Palace, as the name suggests. From its balcony, this cafe has a spectacular view of the hills. This cafe is already quite popular with tourists, and they say the coffee is fantastic, but the food, particularly the wood-fire pizzas, deserves to be highlighted as well. 

    Chick Chocolate 

It's the easiest cafe to find because it's right on the Mall Road. It's one of the town’s oldest restaurants and cafes. It is the most popular cafe in Mussoorie because it is the only one with authentic vintage vibes. Aside from their coffee, their pizzas and chocolate shakes are must-try. 

     The Mudcup Cafe 

One of Mussoorie's most under-rated eateries is located in Landour. This cafe has a wonderful atmosphere to sit and unwind. It's known for its creamy espressos and cappuccinos, but their Nutella crepes and banana cinnamon pancakes are also worth trying. 

 Don't forget to stop by at least one or two cafes the next time you're in Mussoorie.  The greatest part is that all of the cafes on the list are Instagram-worthy, so take photos for your social media accounts as well.