What is it that keeps you going through the winter chill? If you ask me, it is a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee twice a day, or may be more on the working days. Not a coffee aficionado but there’s something about a piping hot cappuccino that not just energizes me but also calms the cold, trembling soul in me. Working from home during the winter season seems to be the most difficult because, you have your quilt and the bed right in front of you, calling you each hour to just take a nap. But the screen on your desk just don’t stop popping notifications each minute. So what do we do? Well, I for one, keep sipping on coffee. And not just cappuccino, winter season gives us an opportunity to experiment with so many types of coffee recipes, you won’t get tired of it. Because the bone-chilling cold wave demands a regular intake of hot beverages and coffee tops the list for me. It is one of the best ways to keep ourselves warm and comfy. What else can save us from the chilled wave that sweeps the Indian plains and hills in the months of December and January, year after year. Besides being a versatile beverage, drinking coffee during the winter months keeps us warm and heats up the body instantly besides immediately energizing the body. 

And you’ll be surprised to know that as per several experts, coffee also contains a host of vital nutrients and vitamins, including B2 and B5, to keep the body healthy and fit against bugs and viruses that often cause coughing and sneezing. Of course, excess of anything in any case isn’t a good idea and we don’t promote it. But to sip a cup or two a day to keep your body going through the winter months, we've got three ways in which you can have your coffee this winter. These recipes will keep you kicked up and also break the monotony of regular coffee: 

1. Irish Coffee 

Simple, indulgent, super delicious and made with just four ingredients, Irish Coffee with a hint of whiskey makes winter season worth all the chill. Just some hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and whipped cream. combined together makes for a coffee that might be a guilty pleasure of lot many people (count me in). Did you know that Iris Coffee was a result of a cancelled flight at the Shannon Airport, and a local bartender, Joseph Sheridan, trying to comfort the freezing passengers in 1940s? 

2. Spiced Coffee 

Give your regular coffee a desi twist and toss in some turmeric, ginger and cardamom to it. Not only will this warm your souls, it can also help in reducing bloating and regulates blood pressure as cardamom has antioxidant and diuretic properties. 

3. Filter Coffee 

The staple of south India, filter coffee has roasted coffee beans, grounded and filtered through a perforated container. Brewed for a longer time at a lower temperature than regular coffee drinks, filter coffee is one of my personal favourites.