Winter Diet 2021: 5 Odia Desserts To Savour This Winter
Image Credit: Source: ravenous_soul/Instagram

There is a reason why winter is the favourite season for foodies like us. The joy of snuggling inside a blanket on the weekend with a cup of hot chocolate and a comforting bowl of food on the side is incomparable. Winters in India not only bring with them perfect weather to rejoice but a vast array of foods to relish. The rich and diverse regional winter specialties make the foodie heart frisk.

Being an Odia, winters were always special for me due to the number of festivities celebrated in Odia households during winters. Needless to say, we Indians mainly wait for festivals to indulge in the delicious foods made on the occasion. From Prathamashtami to Manabasa Gurubar, Odias have a lot of festivals to celebrate. The exclusive delicacies reserved to be savoured during these festivals make them more special. Going down memory lane, I remember relishing delicious and piping hot pithas and varieties of desserts during winters. Through this article, I aim to take you on a culinary journey of numerous popular Odia desserts that are made and savoured especially during winters. Here’s the best of the lot.

Enduri Pitha

Being the eldest in the house, I eagerly wait for Prathamashtami (a festival celebrated for the well-being of the eldest child of the house) every year. The reason? One, to wear new clothes and second and the most important, to relish aromatic and soft Enduri Pithas. Made by wrapping the batter in fresh turmeric leaves, Enduri Pithas are exclusively made on this festival and are gobbled down with Ghuguni on the side.

Dhala Manda

Manabasa Gurubar (Thursdays in the month of Margashirsh dedicated to the worship of Goddess Lakshmi) brings with it a variety of Pithas to be relished. however, Dhala Manda is the best of the lot. The outer covering is made with rice flour and the Mandas usually have sesame seeds, jaggery and chhena filling. These rice flour balls are then steamed to perfection.


The Odia cousin of Kheer, Atakali is a gooey pudding widely savoured in parts of Odisha. Small-sized rice balls are steamed and then added to the milk mixture before serving. The milk mixture is scented with cardamom and bay leaf and is garnished with dry fruits and desiccated coconut.


A gooey pudding made with sesame seeds, jaggery and milk, Rashi Jaau is popular in Central Odisha. The sesame seeds and jaggery keep the body warm and are packed with flavour.

Bada Osha Bhoga

Celebrated a day before Kartik Purnima, Bada Osha brings with it a lot of excitement for foodies. The reason is the pudding is made with rice flour, jaggery, coconut and dry fruits. The pudding is exclusively made on this day and is offered to Lord Dhabaleshwara. The interesting texture, exciting flavours and appetizing aroma of the Bhoga make it a favourite among foodies.

Do try these Odia delicacies this winter and let us know how they made you drool.