Wine Hour: 3 Rosé Wine Cocktails You Should Try
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If you are someone who loves a glass of wine on a relaxing evening, you’ve come to the right place. We can all agree that wine has a soothing flavour that we just can’t resist. It is the best companion for a date night, an evening with good music and piping hot pasta with a couple of friends, and so much more. Whatever the occasion might be, a glass of wine makes everything a tad bit better. While many people would prefer a simple glass of wine, a wine cocktail can sometimes be a great idea. 

If you are someone who enjoys experimenting with their cocktails, we’ve got ideas. Go beyond red or white, as rosé is here to steal the show. Not only does it go with a variety of delicacies, but can also be experimented with other ingredients in cocktails.  

We've compiled a list of three rosé wine cocktails that you should certainly try. 

1. Rosé Sangria 

A classic wine cocktail, sangria is perhaps everyone's favourite, but have you tried rosé wine sangria? If not then it’s time you should. And trust us, you'll find yourself pouring another glass. 

Ingredients needed- 

Rosé wine-½ glass 

Sugar-1 tbsp 

Brandy - ½ glass 

Sparkling water to top it off 

Mint leaves for garnish 

Fruits- oranges, lemons and strawberries  


Chop the fruits and mix it with sugar with some water and keep it aside at room temperature for 20-25 minutes.  

Add the rosé wine and brandy to this and top it off with sparkling water.  

Add mint leaves for garnish and refrigerate. You can even use soda water to make it bubbly.  

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2. Rosé Mojito 

Instead of your regular lemon and mint mojito, give your glass a spin by adding rose wine. This cocktail will whisk you away to a Hawaiian beach. Follow this simple recipe to make this drink. 

Ingredients needed-

Rosé wine-½ glass 

Grapefruit juice-½ can 

Rum - 30 ml 

Lime juice-1 tbsp 

Simple sugar syrup- 1 tbsp 

Sparkling water 

Mint leaves and ice cubes.


In a glass, muddle mint leaves with sugar syrup using the back of the spoon, pour lime juice, rum and rosé in it. Top it off with sparkling water, add lots of ice cubes and garnish with mint leaves. Serve chilled.  


3. Rosé Lemonade 

The rosé lemonade is the most straightforward and uncomplicated drink on the list. This drink should take no more than 10 minutes to prepare. It's quite simple to make. 

Ingredients needed-  

Sugar syrup - 1-½ tbsp 

Hot Water - 4 tbsp 

Lemon juice -tbsp 

Cold water -½ glass 

Rosé wine -1 glass 


Make lemonade first by combining sugar syrup, hot water and lemon juice in a glass. Stir it vigorously. 

Add cold water to this mixture and refrigerate for half an hour. Before serving, mix the lemonade with rosé wine and serve.  

These three exotic cocktail recipes are incredibly easy to make while also being extremely refreshing. Pair these with snacks or charcuterie board.