Why Olive Pomace Oil Is Perfect For Everyday Cooking
Image Credit: Wikipedia.org

The past few years have made essential differences in food consumption patterns worldwide. The pandemic has changed the way we live forever, from our work arrangements and leisure manners to our social lives. While physical fitness has become a top priority, consumers are equally taking conscious decisions of choosing healthy and sustainable products for daily use.

Active and regular fitness regimes lead to overall wellness, help maintain a healthy weight and enhance mental well-being. In addition to that, eating better and healthy food further lowers the chances of developing chronic diseases such as high blood sugar, Type 2 diabetes, kidney issues, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. However, while we give utmost importance to the diet being followed every day, we tend to overlook or ignore one of the essential parts of the food, which includes the oil we choose for cooking.

During the pandemic, people took much interest in the kitchen, and many utilised their time to understand the science of cooking and became aware of how cooking oil affects our digestive system. However, although we learned about the significance of cooking oils, we still need to get accurate information about the right choice of oil, especially for everyday cooking. 

Mukesh Ghuraiya, Chief Marketing Officer, Modi Naturals Ltd., explains why we should pick pomace oil:

  1. Olive Pomace Oil is processed using a high-quality refining technique. It is perfect for every type of cooking and has a neutral flavour. It is extracted using organic solvents and subsequently refined using state-of-the-art equipment.
  2. In addition, it has the goodness of Vitamin E, which shields the body from infections and helps heal tissues. One of its essential ingredients is Vitamin K, which sustains normal levels of blood clotting proteins in the body and improves bone density and strength.
  3. It also helps digest and absorb meals easily. Olive Pomace Oil is considered the panacea to all health problems without compromising taste with more variety on the platter.

So, let’s look at shifting to more nutritious oil today to accomplish a better living for tomorrow!