Why Korean Air's Celestial Bar Is An Absolut Sensation
Image Credit: Twitter/@KoreanAir_KE
Whether you’re a nervous flyer or a seasoned one, a traveller who believes air journeys are a necessary evil, or a tourist enthralled by the entire experience no matter how many times you’ve flown before, there are still some experiences that would fill you with awe.
One such is the opportunity Korean Air provides to hang out at its “celestial bar” during your flight. Mind, this costs a pretty penny. The bar is part of all Korean Air’s A380 aircraft, but only open to First Class and Prestige Class passengers. The airline describes the bar as a place to “wind down and relax with fellow travellers in [an] impressive space boasting sophisticated design and exquisite lighting”.
Lest you think the ambience is the only selling point of this “dream lounge in the sky”, think again. The Celestial Bar came about as a result of a collaboration between Korean Air and Absolut. Thus, cocktails made with Absolut vodka are a core part of the experience. There are also high-end duty-free items to purchase. 
The Korean Air A380 Celestial Bar offers three categories of Absolut drinks: Elyx super-premium cocktails, Just Add mixed-drinks, and Absolut Drink Lab creations crafted by leading mixologists.
While the cocktails are definitely classy, there’s more than liquid refreshment on offer. Korean Air’s Prestige Class menu reads like a foodie’s dream, listing: “bibimbap, Korean style braised mackerel, Korean spicy pork with leaf wraps served with steamed rice, acorn jelly and rice soup served with Bulgogi beef, and Korean style buckwheat bibim noodles” all served in traditional Korean crockery. If you’re feeling nibblish in-between mealtimes, you can choose from a range of snacks — ramen, fresh baked cookies, pizzas and beef jerky.
And of course, if you don’t want to hang out at the Celestial Bar, you can have your libations delivered to your seat instead. Korean Air keeps a well-stocked array of premium French wines and Champagne. Certain flights may stock Californian, Italian, German, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, and Chilean wines as well.
Did we say, book us a ticket?