What Makes Khus Ka Sharbat A Perfect Summer Cooler?
Image Credit: Khus sharbat makes a refreshing summer cooler.

Tall glasses of emerald green sharbat make a welcoming drink on days when the sun is blazing. The main component of this sharbat is khus or vetiver, which has been derived from the Tamil word ‘vettiveru’ (vettiveru translates to ‘dug-up root’). 

Khus is native to India and comes from the same family as sugarcane and wheat. It is a grass with a strong aroma and is sometimes also used in perfumery. The grass flourishes in damp soil and is grown in fields in Karnataka and Kerala. Despite khus’ use in sharbat, the bright green colour we all love is actually artificial and cannot be attributed to the grass. However, the cooling properties of the drink are a result of the addition of khus. 

From helping with digestion to keeping you hydrated, khus is healthy for many reasons. Here are some reasons khus is used as a summer cooler:

1. It keeps you cool and hydrated

Multiple glasses of khus sharbat a day contribute to your daily water intake and help prevent dehydration. Also, because of the cooling properties of khus, the drink can help prevent heat strokes. It also keeps you from becoming excessively thirsty. Drop a few cubes of ice into a glass, add khus syrup, water and some lemon juice, mix well and drink away. 

2. It is a good source of antioxidants 

Antioxidants prevent or delay damage to cells and also strengthen the immune system. Khus, being a great source of antioxidants, protects tissues from free radical damage. Antioxidants can also help with mental health and mood disorders, which results in a lowered risk of anxiety and depression. 

3. It helps digestion

Khus is high in fibre and hence aids digestion, and also prevents constipation and bloating. 

4. It boosts blood circulation 

The iron present in khus boosts blood circulation and its manganese content helps regularise blood pressure. 

5. Gets rid of redness from the eyes

Khus is also a source of zinc, which is a mineral that helps maintain healthy eyes. When the summer heat causes eyes to become red, khus could help alleviate the redness. 

6. It treats inflammation

With its strong anti-inflammatory properties, khus can help treat inflammation, especially in the nerves. 

With all its nutritional and healing properties, khus makes a great alternative to plain water in the summer. Other syrups may be tasty but they’re nowhere near as healthy as khus. Have the syrup mixed with water and lemon juice for a refreshing drink, or poured over crushed ice in the form of barf ka gola.