Why Is There A Price Surge For Green Chillies?
Image Credit: Green Chillies | Image Credit: Unsplash.com

Green chilli fans all over the world have been left disappointed with the surging price of the spicy staple. Currently, green chillies are being sold at Rs 400 in Delhi-NCR retail. Green chillies of 100 grams which used to cost Rs 20 have now increased to Rs 45. This has caused a surge of Rs 25. The steady surge in the price of green chillies has left consumers wondering what has led to the increase in price. This has caused concern among both consumers and the food industry on the whole. We have listed some of the major factors that have led to the increase in the price of green chillies.   

First and foremost, the increasing price of green chillies is due to the extensive demands from consumers. As the popularity of spicy cuisine has increased, green chillies have become the most important ingredient of all time in many households. Thus, the demand for green chillies has exceeded the supply, putting pressure on prices. 

Secondly, the adverse climate conditions have led to a hike in the price of green chillies. The spicy green staple is primarily grown in specific regions and requires suitable climatic conditions to survive. Any disruption in production areas, such as prolonged droughts, unseasonal rainfall, or temperature fluctuations, can affect the overall production of green chillies. The weather fluctuation has occurred globally, thus diminishing the supply of green chillies and increasing their price. 

Lastly, the transportation challenges have taken a toll on the availability and prices of green chillies. This has disrupted the supply chain, thus increasing the cost of this hot ingredient.

The surge in price is forcing us to limit the use of green chillies. But does that mean we won’t have spicy dishes? Well, absolutely not! We have jotted down a substitute for green chillies that can be used in your curries. Take a look:   

  • Red Chilli Powder   

This can be easily used as a dry substitute to spice up your dishes. However, this won’t provide the fresh flavour of green chillies and is a little unsafe for your health as it can cause inflammation in the body, which is linked to a number of chronic diseases like cardiovascular issues, diabetes and cancer. Thus, using it in moderate proportions would be advisible.   

  • Whole Red Chillies   

Red chillies are typically hotter than green ones. If you’re choosing red chillies like Fresno, Bhut Jolokia, or Jwala, deseed and use them. They will impart a red colour to the curries, which will differ from the vibrant green colour lent by green chillies. 

  • Black Pepper  

Although they are not an accurate substitute for green chillies, they provide unique flavour and heat. It is one of the healthiest alternatives and provides a pungent and spicy taste to dishes. Adjust the quantity of black pepper based on your preference.

  • Cayenne Pepper   

This pepper powder is made from dried and ground red chillies. This powder is quite spicy, thus needs to be used in proportion based on your desired level.