Why Is Delhi So Passionate About Fateh Ki Kachori?
Image Credit: Delhi loves its kachoris and sabzi

There is no dearth of Kachoris in India. If the Rajasthanis have their Jodhpuri Pyaaz Kachori and Meethi Mawa Kachori, many people in Banaras like to start their day with Kachori-Aloo Ki Sabzi, where the Kachori looks a lot like a stuffed, greasy puri. 

 Since you find people from several communities in Delhi, the street food fare remains just as varied and vibrant. In Delhi, you can easily find kachoris from different parts of the country, and yet, there are some who won’t mind taking a special trip to Kashmere Gate to just grab a piece of ‘Fateh Ki Kachori’. It would not be incorrect to call it Delhi’s own Kachori.  

Fateh Chand Ki Kachori is a humble street food corner, renowned for its delish Kachoris and Chole Kulche. They are famous for fusing two of Delhi’s biggest weaknesses, Kachori and Chole. That’s right. In this unique dish, mushy, boiled chickpeas are stirred together with heaps of masalas, salt, tamarind chutney and lemon juice. If you want, you can also get some chopped chillies added to the mix. The mixture is stirred multiple times so that the chutneys, masalas and chickpeas are well combined, the vigorous mixing takes place in a large aluminum pateela or wide-mouthed vessel. Then the vendor grabs hold of some Khasta Kachoris, or super crisp, lentil-filled Kachoris, and laces it with this chickpea masala. Further, some more chutneys, chopped coriander, onions and ginger (julienned) are added on top, before the Kachoris are served hot on a paper plate or plate made of pattal (leaves). 

In most parts of Delhi, Khasta Kachori is usually served with a fiery potato curry and chutney, but at Fateh Chand, you find the Kachori with chickpea that is usually reserved to be served with white kulchas. Have you ever tried the Fateh Ki Kachori? 

You can find it at 4, Raj Niwas Marg, Ludlow Castle, Civil Lines, New Delhi, Delhi 110054. Do let us know how you liked it? Arre there more cool street food places that we should check out, do let us know that as well.