Why Is ‘Ajay Devgn Samosa’ Trending On Twitter?

Ajay Devgn, who was last seen in Runway 34, a film that he both directed and starred in, is currently riding high on the critical acclaim of the same. In his career spanning three decades, Ajay has been part of many memorable films, but one of the stunts he performed in his debut film Phool Aur Kaante in 1991 continues to be a mass favourite. So much so, that Ajay himself has recreated the stunt in so many of his other films. You know what we are talking about, the scene where he enters, standing on top of two moving bikes. Now on Twitter, an ‘Ajay Devgan Samosa’ has got everyone talking, and no, this samosa is not Devgn’s kitchen. 

The samosa is getting popular because of the way it balances itself perfectly on the rim of two glasses of tea. If you look at the picture, the samosa has been positioned in a way that resembles the famous Ajay Devgn stunt. “Enjoying Ajay Devgn Samosa #MumbaiRains #MondayMotivation”, the tweet read. The tweet also got the attention of the Golmaal actor, who retweeted the picture with the comment, “This stunt is safe enough for everyone to try at home.”

The monsoon has hit the country and how. And with the arrival of monsoon, we are yet again tilting towards all things fried and crispy. Think: samosas, pakoras, kachoris and what not. The logic is simple, the weather is turning nippy and something hot and crunchy is always welcome with our cup of chai.  Samosa is perhaps one of India’s most beloved tea-time snacks. The triangular pastry is stuffed with a range of fillings such as potatoes, keema, paneer etc. Nowadays, we even have off-beat samosa fillings such as noodles and macaroni. Samosas are so popular in India, that every region has also given the snack their own local spin. A Gujarati samosa is slightly sweeter, with the addition of raisins, while a Punjabi samosa is supposed to be a fiery, hot delight.  

While you can easily get samosa at any sweet and snacks shop in your neighbourhood, we will still recommend you try this samosa recipe at home.This simple, classic snack does not take too much of time, and is a hit among kids and adults alike.Try it out and let us know.