Why Hotels Only Offer Complimentary Breakfast And Not Lunch
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How many times have you gone to a hotel with your family and woken up early just in time to grab the complimentary breakfast that your hotel promised you? With painfully early time slots that hotels have in which they serve breakfast, it’s natural for every hotel guest to wonder why hotels serve complimentary breakfast and why not complimentary lunch or dinner? Surely that’ll be better than waking up at 7:00 am on your vacay, just to grab a bite of a croissant. 

From the hotel's perspective, serving breakfast is one of several ways to increase their profits. Serving complimentary breakfast has become a trend in the hospitality industry with guests choosing those hotels to stay in, which provide a complimentary breakfast. This has now become a marketing freebie that hotels give customers to lure them in. The hotel staff also makes an effort to serve a sumptuous breakfast to encourage repeat business. While hotels that are still struggling to find a consumer base give complimentary breakfast with a room stay, hotels that are usually fully booked have started taking a surplus over the room fare from guests who want to avail the complimentary breakfast service. This has confused many travelers. Sushant Lama, a travel vlogger says, “I was booking my stay with a five star hotel in Delhi recently and while I was booking the room they had an option of availing ‘complimentary’ breakfast. As soon as I ticked that option, the room rate increased. How is this a complimentary service then?” 

Credit: Shutterstock