Why Are Cakes So Important For Celebrations?
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Almost every celebration, no matter what it is, includes a cake. Birthdays, celebrations, and anniversaries are just a few examples. "A party without a cake is just a gathering," as the saying goes. But why are cakes so beloved by us all and regarded as a must-have at our gatherings?

The origins of this custom can be traced back to prehistoric times. However, the first birthday celebration documented in history occurred in Ancient Egypt when someone crowned a pharaoh, a god-like figure. This coronation was so significant that it is thought to be the first note of a birthday, signalling the shift from human to divinity.

It may be the beginning of the whole celebration, but where is the cake? The Greeks, not the Ancient Egyptians, were the ones who celebrated the birthdays of Gods and Goddesses. They would commemorate the occasion by baking moon-shaped cakes with candles on top. So they were celebrating their lunar goddess's birthday–Artemis–with candles that represented the glorious light of the moon. This became a tradition, and it continues to evolve to this day. 

Birthday cakes were not as sweet and tasty as they are today. Sugar and other components used to be extremely expensive and difficult to obtain. As a result, the sweet and ornately designed cakes are primarily reserved for the wealthy. This changed with the Industrial Revolution when everyone could finally get their hands on the delectable ingredients needed to create or buy customised cakes. Until today, anyone could have a birthday cake.

Strawberry and Cream Sponge Cake


What Makes Cakes Special?

A Fun Way To Celebrate

Cakes are an excellent method to celebrate because they stick with the people after the cake cutting ritual is over. The audience's attention is pulled to the event's main attraction. It allows people to dine, sing, and play, creating a more joyful and exciting setting.

 Increases Happiness

When you throw a party, it shows how much you enjoy yourself. A typical menu will include an appetiser, main dish, dessert, and a few drinks as on previous days.

 There's a Cake for Every Occasion

Everybody has a special day that they want to remember with a cake. A cake is no longer restricted to birthday celebrations. It has happened during various events, including weddings, anniversary celebrations, christenings, etc. It simply gives your celebration a new dimension.

 Cake offers a lot of joy to individuals who are being celebrated and others who attend. It also makes it a more enjoyable way to celebrate. Additionally, the various flavours, styles, and shapes of cakes add to the joy and personalization of any party!