Why Are Baking Sheets And Cooling Racks Important Kitchen Tools?
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If you’ve been contemplating redoing your kitchen up or have renovated your cooking space recently, you’d recollect that all the time and energy is spent on planning and making space for the big gadgets and the expensive equipment which needs a shelf of its own. But what really makes a kitchen functional, is the little details and the tiny conveniences which make the activity a breeze to get through. Stocking up the pantry as well as your kitchen with essentials is crucial but what’s even more important is to take into account space as well as cost-efficiency.

Having kitchen tools that can be used for more than just one purpose is key to planning smart and understanding your personal style of cooking, better. If you would imagine yourself to be the kind of cook that couldn’t do without a specific type of knife or pan or blender, then it would be best to customise your kitchen according to your lifestyle. However, a few common kitchen tools like cutting boards, baking sheets, wire racks and even bowls of varying sizes can be used for a various number of things, but more specifically also serving as a reminder that you don’t necessarily have to use them for the same purpose that they were made for. That said, here’s why a baking tray and cooling rack are integral to having a well-rounded kitchen.

Baking Trays

As one of the most underrated kitchen must-haves, rimmed baking sheets are perfect for roasting meat and vegetables. The folded edges make it convenient to flip over food to the other side so that everything cooks evenly, reducing the chances of spillage. Baking trays double up as great roasting pans, allowing the heat from ovens to evenly cook the ingredients, without the chances of under-cooking or over-cooking. While cooking meat, these trays also trap any drippings from the meat, which can later be used to make a silken gravy or pan sauce. Sheet pans are also great to use as a single pan that has the capacity to hold a larger volume of your meal prep so you have everything neatly lined up, ready for cooking. When combined with wire racks, sheet pans become the perfect vehicle for air circulation and heat distribution, even cooling, allowing the process of cooking to happen rather seamlessly.

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Wire Racks

Unlike regular oven racks where poultry or vegetables must be flipped over, wire racks let the cooking happen from a 360-degree perspective. Wire racks can hold all kinds of food – be it steaks, vegetable cubes, meat cuts or whole birds. Using a wire rack to rest any kind of seared, grilled or fried food prevents the formation of moisture underneath the surface that is in contact with a plate or tray. A cooling rack allows for any excess liquids to drip from meat or vegetables, preventing them from becoming soggy before serving. This enables for the ‘crusty’ texture to remain existent on the food that you spent so much time grilling or frying. Depending on the size of your sheet pan, you can buy a cooling rack that fits snugly within the tray in order for it to double up as a cooking vessel as well as a kitchen tool that eases the process.