Why A Bed Picnic Is As Good As Self-Care?
Image Credit: Breakfast in Bed

In 2009, the hostess of the famous food show Top Chef, Padma Lakshmi, introduced the concept of a bed picnic in her New York Times piece. What seemed most interesting about it was how she approached it as something of a self-care ritual versus lazing around in bed and feeling a sense of guilt to have wasted an entire day of doing nothing. Interestingly enough, we need bed picnics now more than ever because of how wound up we get with what’s going on around us. For the uninitiated, a bed picnic is a ritual where you wake up in the morning, put on a pair of crisp pajamas after a shower and make yourself an assortment of things to eat, accompanied by a giant pot of tea and get right back in bed with your favourite book or TV show, for company.

A bed picnic is an ideal way to feel more accomplished for centering something to do as part of your need to relax. Here are some bed picnic essentials to help you get started with:

1. A Pot of Tea

If you’re someone who enjoys endless cups of chai, brew yourself a small tea pot full of a light lavender or hibiscus tea and drink with honey and a few drops of lemon for a zen-like feeling. Depending on how much of a tea fanatic you are, pour yourself as many cups as you like and enjoy in leisure, without having a deadline looming over your head.

2. Finger Sandwiches

You know the tiny sandwiches served at high tea that look good and are easy to eat? Whip up your own assortment of cucumber and cream cheese, ham and cheddar or egg salad sandwiches. Always make sure you have two or three types of sandwiches arranged beautifully on a tray so they’re pretty to look at and eat too.

3. Fresh-Cut Fruit/Dessert

The one rule you must never conform to is to deprive yourself of the joys of fresh berries or a decadent piece of chocolate cake. Combine both if you like for a dessert that is indulgent and satisfies all your weekend sugar cravings.

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4. Flowers

Just like all good things in life, a small bunch of flowers, bought especially for yourself, is always great to brighten up any room you’re occupying; let alone your own bed. Not only are they pretty to look at but also add a touch of colour and cheer to your solo, self-care activity.