Who Got Sara Ali Khan ‘Smiling Like That’? Let’s Find Out
Image Credit: Sara Ali Khan/Instagram, She cannot say no to good food.

Looks like the struggles of weight-loss have hit home for Sara Ali Khan. The actor has worked really hard on her body and physique, and the result is quite evident. However, this is not to say that Sara has lost her love for food. She continues to enjoy her favourite foods occasionally and doesn’t shy away from sharing her indulgences with us.

Given this, we weren’t surprised when she was exhilarated on seeing food. She recently took up an Instagram trend and posted a video of herself on her handle. She was seen posing for a photo shoot on set. During this time, the audio in the background says, “Yo bro! Who got you smiling like that?”, and the next shot is that of Sara with a dabba of food in her hand. And the text reads, “Food”.

The Love Aaj Kal 2 actor seemed the happiest while gobbling down fruit and other bites from her red-coloured dabba. This is just one instance of how happy and passionate Sara is about food. While travelling to Kashmir, we saw her slurping on a bowl of Maggi noodles in the cold weather and it looked absolutely amazing.

In fact, last Sunday, we saw her satiating her sweet tooth with four different kinds of pastries, which she described as “truly the best”. She also added that it was her kind of Sunday. Earlier this year, she took a trip to New York and we saw her indulging in a lot of good food. This included pizza, pasta, lasagna, pretzels, coffee, and more. Moreover, she even tried some of the best Japanese food at a top authentic restaurant in NYC. She was gorging on sashimi and other kinds of barbequed meat.

During her long stay in London this summer, we saw her delightfully enjoying all the appetising food, including desserts. One of them was tiramisu, which she described as “killermisu” in her Instagram stories and left us drooling. All these instances are proof that food makes Sara smile like nothing or rather, no one else.