Who Doesn’t Need Some Chill! Try These Strawberry Drinks To Cool The Mood
Image Credit: Strawberry Drinks

We love all kinds of strawberry drinks in the summer, and fresh fruit drinks are a great alternative to sugary drinks. Strawberries are a healthier option ( if it’s non-alcoholic ) as you'll get the vitamins and minerals you need to help you beat the heat and keep going.

Here are some of the amazing strawberry drinks you should try for sure.

Strawberry Coconut Smoothie

If you enjoy a thick shake, a strawberry coconut smoothie is definitely for you. The vibrant taste is something that will make you exclaim. Use organic fresh strawberries or frozen ones, if they are out of season and coconut cream. Blend them together and within five minutes, this super delicious drink is ready.  

Pomegranate Strawberry Mint Lemonade

A minty flavour in summer drinks is pretty common and popular at the same time. So, how can we not add mint with strawberry lemonade? Combine pomegranate with strawberry with a hint of mint. 

Chocolate Strawberry Almond Protein Smoothie

A summer drink that can pack you up with protein. Isn’t it a wow factor? As we all know almonds are the so-called superfoods, so making a smoothie using almonds will be impressive. This chocolate strawberry smoothie is a vegan plant-based recipe. 

Strawberry Mojito

Talking about drinks and not mentioning mojito? How’s that possible! This colorful sparkling mojito with fresh strawberries is the best way to cool your mood. Add some lime juice and you are ready to enjoy this drink. 

Strawberry Gin And Tonic

This fruit cocktail combines organic gin with sweet strawberries, lemon and mint. For summers, this drink is a great way to add tanginess.

Strawberry drinks are easy to prepare and great for one of those summer vacations you may need to visit.