Whiskey Lovers, Do You Have These Accessories In Your Bar?

Some don’t like whiskey while some swear by it. Isn’t it? Whiskey has a filtered fan following. Sometimes you just don’t need anything with it as it is perfect on its own. Some people are so particular as they feel insulted when people ask if they want water with their whiskey. Whiskey is just not a drink but as fundamental as oxygen for some people. If you are able to relate to all these points, you can call yourself an absolute whiskey lover. Yay!! 

Since now you have qualified as a whiskey enthusiast, it's time to complete your bar. Here are some accessories that you must have in your bar. Have a look and thank us later! 

Old Fashioned Glass 

Old fashioned glass, also known as rocks glass or lowball glass, is mainly used for whisky neat or with ice. The rocks glass is best for drinks build within the glass and not with the cocktail shaker. This doubled old-fashioned glass is perfect for drinks like the Old Fashioned.  

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Bell Jigger 

Bell jigger is basically a tool to help you in accurately measuring alcoholic ingredients. They come in different sizes, shapes and materials. There are different types of bell jiggers available right from single hot glass to Japanese-style stainless steel jigger. Wanna buy? Click the link below. 

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Wooden Muddler 

Muddler is a bartending tool for mashing ingredients in cocktails. It is a tool perfectly designed to mix and smash drink ingredients. Using a muddler is the best way to infuse the flavours of herbs and fresh fruits to the drink. It is quite a useful tool and should be there in your home bar.  

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Whisky Decanter 

The cocktail is sacred for whiskey lovers. Just like a perfect glass, a perfect decanter adds a sense of deliberate purpose, a certain weight and joy to whatever you drink. There are so many decanters available in the market and you should definitely own one.  

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Bar Cart 

You know what? There is a better way to organize the bourbon bottles that you have been collecting for last so many years. Well, a bar cart could be the perfect place for your essentials plus it is on wheels and can go anywhere you want. Willing to buy a bar cart for your home bar? Click on the link below. 


So, there were our top picks. Make sure you have these in your home bar!!