Can You Really Replace Paprika With Kashmiri Chilli Powder?
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If you’re planning on swapping Kashmiri red chilli powder for some paprika or peri-peri powder, it may not always be a good idea. Paprika is made from dried and ground red peppers and can have varying levels of heat. 

However, chilli peppers that are used to make paprika all over the world tend to have milder spice and thinner flesh. Paprika's Scoville Score can be anything between 250 to 1,000. However, the market variety paprika won't top the Scoville rating of 100 and also lacks the smokiness that often accompanies most chilli powders. 

Kashmiri chilli powder, on the other hand, is used in Indian cooking mainly to add colour but brings more heat than paprika. It has a rather orange-ish hue and its Scoville rating can go up to 2,000; it's typically grown from red chillies grown in the Jammu and Kashmir region during winters. Kashmiri red chilli powder has a full-bodied, aromatic flavour and is a more potent source of spice than paprika. Although Kashmiri red chilli powder is less spicy than Deghi mirch.

Can Paprika Replace Kashmiri Chilli Powder? 

Not exactly. Kashmiri chilli powder has a subtle fruitiness and a smoky aftertaste which paprika lacks. If you have to substitute Kashmiri mirch in the kitchen, especially for Indian recipes, it's best to use a spice blend. A 2:1 smoky paprika and cayenne pepper blend is the best substitute. The sweet flavour of paprika, which is sweeter than other chilis, can be achieved by grinding up dried red bell peppers. 

The closest you can get to Kashmiri chilli powder is by blending paprika and cayenne since the latter brings the smokiness that the sun-dried Kashmiri red chilli is known for. If you're using this spice blend to replace Kashmiri mirch powder in Indian gravies, add a teaspoon of the spice blend powder to the pot when you add your other spices such as cumin, coriander, and garam masala. The chili powder will add a delicious heat and also a distinct mustiness which amps up the dish's flavour. 

Can Kashmiri Chilli Powder Replace Paprika? 

In marinades, especially the ones made for Indian meat recipes, Kashmiri chilli powder can perhaps replace paprika. However, paprika is also used as a dry-rub for fried or grilled dishes and Kashmiri chilli powder is not ideal for a dry-rub since it has a stronger bite than paprika. Mixing Kashmiri mirch powder with onion and garlic powder is a good way to simmer down its heat when using it as a dry-rub dressing. However, in tandoor recipes or spice-heavy dishes such as a roganjosh, the recipe calls for something more potent than paprika, be it in terms of taste or colour.